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    Hi Basher, I read the Tao of Pooh many years ago and enjoyed it. Although I do realise that it's a little controversial, it definitely piqued my interest and helped me develop a basic understanding of some of the more difficult concepts (well, difficult for me with my very limited background in Eastern religion/philosophy- I was raised as an atheist). Like anything else, it's difficult to glean understanding from the texts when you don't yet know the vocabulary!
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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the community (obviously!) so I'm just checking in. I was introduced to Taoism years ago by a Buddhist ex-boyfriend of mine. This is the only philosophical/religious/belief system/whatever that has ever really made sense to me. I haven't studied or practiced in a long time (a few years) but as time goes by I find myself more drawn back to the path and am ready to mindfully resume whatever journey I've been on (does this make any sense? It's pretty late here and I'm trying to stay awake a little longer bc I have a night shift tomorrow). Anyhoo, I would appreciate any book recommendations, and if anyone lives in Edmonton, AB and can recommend anything local (not really even sure where to start- I'm pretty sure I need some meditation help bc I have crazy monkey-mind and have trouble switching off- or maybe it's switching on that I need to do!?!). Glad to be here and look forward to talking to you all