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  1. Hello people :)

    Hi there just wanted to introduce myself my names Jamie im been following Taobums for a little while now and thought id sign up mainly to ask for advice and just to get involved in any ongoing discussions. I guess it would be useful to tell you a little about my experience I had done Karate, Kung Fu and Ninjitsu and such things like many people as a kid for many years but it wasnt till recently that i got into anything with real substance started Dayan Qigong and Chen Style Taichi year back ended up leaving a few months ago as i got lost in the class so tp speak im the kind of person who needs guidance so i ended up leaving to get private tuition currently being taught Splashing Hands, Yang Style Taichi and a form of Qigong my teacher made himself from various things hes picked up over the years. I dont pretend to be some wise master who can sit in the lotus posistion and meditate for 12 hours a day infact im quite the opposite its one of the reasons i do the arts my main aim is to be healthier and just happier with who i am as a person and to improve my focus. Whilst im not a spiritual person Daoism and other eastern belief system resonate with me and i am more than open to the ideas that they explore. thanks for reading see you guys around