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  1. Help me understand

    Spotless you say taoist cultivate the energies but never say how? So how do I do that? What do you do to do that? ChiDragon I am looking for tao but Im more of a tactile learner so I try to understand and relate things by doing. By doing I'll culitvate the sensitivity to the "true" message maybe or reach understanding better. Like ChiForce said "Oh, that would be to achieve immortality through practicing internal alchemy and the manipulation of the chi energy throughout one's body via the yi consciousness. To obtain the perfect balance in mind and body via eating healthy food, performing deeds of merits, and meditation"....I have No Idea what internal alchemy is but as far as meditation is there a specific meditation that you would care to expound upon? I sense there is some sort of debate goin on in this thread but you guys are arguing from a level of understanding that is beyond my comprehension at this present moment so Ill let that be. So far what I have gathered is that tao is....i dont know..."let things just be" I guess?
  2. Help me understand

    I am trying to learn exactly what taoism is? What are the practices? The more I try to research the more confused I get, the more I read is the more confused I get! I was recommended a book but all it was, was a bunch of poems. Im set to visit a place here in Miami that may be able to shed some light on taoism for me hopefully. From what I can tell its about learning about yourself and discovering yourself but nobody is saying how or what a taoist does physically that makes him a taoist. P.s I checked the sticky and the ones I clicked were bad links
  3. Hello

    Hey guys I am new to all this and have many questions about taoism that im going to post in the discussion section