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  1. question about condensing breathing and other questions

    I bought Tidal Wave Chi Kung and Mind Light Nei Kung. It is awesome stuff. I already had a collection of other chi gong DVDs and found them to be boring , watered down and lacking. The problem is that there are so many people making DVDs that are not true masters. Master Clyman's stuff is powerful because it's centered on the internal chi gong. He is the real deal. It's not mindless forms and exercise. Chi and the mind must work in conjunction. The T'ai Chi and Chi Kung come much easier because he teaches you the internal stuff FIRST. Not after 10-20 years of doing external only T'ai Chi. It cost a lot and my wife wasn't happy I spent so much, but I dont care. I wanted something real. I studied from some of the other well known chi gong teachers, I wont mention any names, but it wasnt as potent as Gary's teaching. I know what good teaching is.
  2. nei kung

    Gary Clymans stuff is the real deal. I am qualified to make that statement because I purchased his Tidal Wave chi Kung and Mind Light Nei Kung. It changed my life for the better. I do it everyday. It made me more graceful, think faster, I feel less tired, I feel more effective at work and at home. I feel more powerful. It really helped me to gather chi at Tan Tien and circulate it. Dorian Black knows what he is taklking about.