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  1. Great links...thanks so much. Unfortunately some of them do not work. PsiNomad
  2. Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

    Thanks. Appreciate your info. PsiNomad
  3. Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

    I am looking into Tummo/Bliss retreat. Thanks for any input. PsiNomad
  4. Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche

    Hi, I am looking into some retreats with Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche ( . Do you have any experience with this Tibetian teacher.? Thanks . PsiNomad
  5. The Russian Pyro

    Can you post how did you find out that Roman is fraud? Thanks. PsiNomad
  6. The Russian Pyro

    I think I saw somewhere on that forum what food and techniques are used by Roman but it was through google translator and I could not get better understanding of it. Thanks for links goldisheavy. PsiNomad
  7. The Russian Pyro

    There is a long thread on forum. Unfortunately I do not speak Russian very well but someone speaking might be willing to find out more about him and his techniques. I tried to use google translator but it did not work very well for me. I know that his students are posting information about him. Link to forum: PsiNomad
  8. Secret of the Golden Flower

    Thanks Mikaelz. PsiNomad
  9. Secret of the Golden Flower

    Hi, Thank you JJ and everybody for this great threat. I have one question. In phase 2 when practitioner change breath direction, do you start using revers breathing instead of diaphragmatic breathing? Thanks PsiNomad

    I got this book. Instructions are very easy to follow. It is full of high quality pictures and explains details about breathing and every move. I just find it excellent for learning 18 lohans. Of course a big benefit would be if you can attend 18 lohans with Grandmasters Wong. I can only recommend it. PsiNomad
  11. Wong Kiew Kit - 18 LoHan Qigong

    Lifting the sky and carrying the moon are best parts of Shaolin Cosmos Qigong . Doing it for several months can change your health dramatically. At least that's what is my experience with Shaolin Wahnam Cosmos Qigong. It just need daily practice dedication. You can ask more at his forum. ( Great day to you all!
  12. Any experience with Holotropic Breathing? There is going to be a new workshop in January. See here PsiNomad
  13. Just found this article and I think it is OLD news for people practicing meditation. Study: Zen Meditation Really Does Clear the Mind PsiNomad
  14. Tibetan Yoga Masters

    Hi, These videos are great. I found this French site with THE MESSAGE OF THE TIBETANS and YOGA FROM TIBET DVD's. Any idea where to get them in US? Website: Thanks PsiNomad