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    Uh... We have a lot in common including Michigan though I away moved years ago. My advice is just to find the best teacher possible regardless of the label on him, taoist, buddhist or catholic or whatever. When you find a teacher the other students will be your your sangha. You could approach it from the standpoint of learning meditation or tai chi chuan. The master I studied with in Michigan does not teach anymore. But here are some links of people and places that I have met/studied with / been. High level meditation instruction and good community of western students here: http://www.glbvihara.org/ This guy is a good meditation teacher: http://www.peacewithinmeditation.com/ And this guy is good though just watched him practice and never studied with him: http://www.annarbortaichi.com/ Don't discount your catholicsm especially if you've spend so much time studying it. The beatitudes are a manual on cultivating and maintaining energy in a manner similar to the tao de ching, although a different kind of energy. -best
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