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  1. zhan zhuang with no real teacher

    Greytowhite, Thank you. I love the conflicting advice
  2. I started doing zz by the stand still be fit videos and the book, the way of energy. I did read however on several places in this forum not to practice zz without a live teacher because of wrong posture etc. I've read stories as well of people that kind of have wasted a lot of time standing because of incorrect posture and the qi wasn't flowing properly. At the same time a lot of people say that it's OK to practice from book a day videos as long as you follow the instructions properly. What are your thoughts on this?
  3. zhan zhuang on the 6th floor

    Captain, you're such a troll. Thanks everyone else for the informative replies
  4. zhan zhuang on the 6th floor

    Thanks for the replies guys! Sounds like I'm good to go:)
  5. Would it be ok to do zhan zhuang on the 6th floor of my apartment building? It would work best for me. I know that in nature with your feet on the ground is best buy can I still get great benefit from it by doing it on the 6th floor?
  6. Yoga & Qigong - Compared (by you)

    So far I have not seen a single useful response.... I just wanted to compare yoga and qigong.. But you guys failed...
  7. Looking for that documentary...

    Found it! Check @ 1:13 pretty cool I would love to see any other inspiring doc's like this
  8. What is the best Qigong lineage to start out with?

    LOL I'm still confused because there is so much to choose form I always prefer the more simple, solid & oldest methods... I see soo much stuff that is just a variation of something else. What would be the oldest most authentic form of qigong out there?
  9. Yoga & Qigong - Compared (by you)

    Thanks for all the comments guys. I was hoping this discussion would go more in to a theoretical direction.. Anywayz thanks for all the input
  10. Greetings all, Some years back I saw a documentary about Qigong and in it was a Qigong Master that could stand upside down on just his finger and there where more inspiring things like that in it... Sadly I can't find it anywhere anymore... Anyone knows this one and can point me in the right direction? If you know of any other inspiring Qigong / TAO Documentary that is worth watching please fire.. Thanks a ton, Vivek
  11. simplify

    Apple Products
  12. Yoga & Qigong - Compared (by you)

    On another note.. After I have read about Qigong it seems to me that the most important part of qigong is to collect the Qi / Prana through the movements and meditation / focus and become a storehouse of energy... correct? Seems pretty similar to me to the path of yoga, prananyama and meditation.... Any thoughts?
  13. Yoga & Qigong - Compared (by you)

    Hydrogen, The journey never ends... So for me until enlightenment is archived you can always go further.. Not to play with words here because "enlightenment" is a very debated topic... V
  14. I have done yoga for many years and practice it daily. from 30 min to 2 hours depending on time. As well doing some basic pranayama exercises without retention... How can the practice of qigong enrich my life further... What can Qigong that Yoga & Pranayama can not? I'm highly interested in starting a healthy discussion about this Vivek
  15. What is the best Qigong lineage to start out with?

    Many thanks to everyone contributing their valuable information to me At the moment I'm looking for some good books on Qigong as well that explain the deeper mysteries and some of the theoretical part and that as well serve as a source of inspiration.. So far I found: The root of Chinese Qigong: secrets for health, longevity & enlightenment from Yang Is that book worth getting? Any other books that you would recommend for me? Thanks, Vivek