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  2. Bump..... This is really a wonderful set. No one knows ? OK, if anyone feels adventurous, try out the first movement and tell me about it Just click play on the video, it's linked at the right time, and let's do the first one. This one opens your small universe without any visualization, just body mechanics and a mental cue. Breathing is natural. As per the video, you bow the back slightly as you reach your arms towards the back, gathering Qi from above and them come down towards the lower Dantian, as you bend progressively forward. When you come down towards the Dantian, your palms will become really numb as you press down on the Dantian "ball" (its invisible auric field). This pressure and movement makes the Dantian Qi overflow to the back, and the effect is compounded by the fact that you're progressively bending forward. This feels a bit like deflating an open balloon by pressing on the sides. The Master in the video does it 36 times, but I was taught only 7 and you will already be sweating and feel energy coursing up the back, through the neck. And then this is just FYI about the rest.... Movement 2 opens the central channel, and makes the arms appear completely weightless although I was taught slightly differently than the video. Movement 3 is quite rare because it opens all the interlinking meridians (yin wei, yang wei, and heel vessels) in one shot. I've never seen a movement do this specifically, but I assume there's others out there though. Movement 4 opens the belt channel. But 2,3 and 4 are in Chinese.... So try 1) and if you feel inspired I can provide more info for the rest. I'm open to feedback, if you feel like these movements are average or over-rated than that's fine, please let me know too. I'm just curious what people think, because they are so rare.
  3. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    I was thinking about it as a possibility, but was wondering if they'd actually pull it off. These two scenes when compared to each other were a hint:
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  5. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Tis over. Long shot Fiber wins. Who even knew he was in the running. What surprised me was that there were any Dothraki left, seemed like they all went down in the initial charge against the dead. Similarly I'm surprised there were so many unsullied alive too. For that matter seems to me the population of the entire world was pretty much decimated. If Thanos had killed half the of GoT's population they'd still be ahead of the game, compared to all the deaths over the seasons.
  6. Lol yes u make a valid point. This is More of a trick than a sprirtual task. Btw look up pressure points and dim mak, that’s more in line with this post lol
  7. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    So what we perceive as our self, is really a projection of the sum of every cell in the body?
  8. Daoist Internal Mastery - new Wang Liping book

    That's interesting - I just transcribed a Chunyi Lin talk and he also starts with pore breathing.
  9. Personality Traits.

    Thanks all. I'm probably moving too fast. And I'll need to make a conscious effort to cultivate more patience and understanding. Volunteering would probably be beneficial for me.
  10. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    So you don't need to sit in full lotus padmasana right? Waste of time is it? Or you just can't do it?
  11. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    You’ve got this!
  12. I do not understand why anyone would want to blast or fake blasting a person into a higher vibration? Can you clarify this? In my experiences of training: I was taught to hold the energy of increase out to someone in the form of a tuple and then if they can receive it, the person takes what they need and comes up to a higher level naturally, or to breath the breath of life into a circle and then let them enter the circle and meditate and evolve into its increase naturally. If a jolt to the person is implied then that is what is used in what is called a duel and it is a matter of will against will, (this is done in what is called a challenging party, or when practicing self defense). To force a person to a higher level then they have earned, is frowned upon, and when done damages to the recipients have been known to occur. (if offensive I will delete)
  13. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    :taking a deep breath before starting the last episode and breathing it out reallllly slowly in preparation:
  14. Isn't this dude much more interesting than the other... Just sayin'...
  15. What are you watching on Youtube?

    fixed link
  16. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Lol @welkin @welkin Not sure if it's common knowledge, that he mentions in the introduction has open areas you can read
  17. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    Desire maybe = consciousness. It creates a purpose, goal, alignment. vs. chaos, getting drawn anywhere. Which is what i assume makes the atoms vibrate in a certain way in order to control or facilitate whatever draws your mind to things. When dropping that image entirely, maybe it means know that you can attain anything you want, and then drop it. Otherwise you will forget that you can attain anything else you want, with that same mentality. which is the opposite of what most people do. which is to create an identity off of the things they've accomplished. To know that you can do anything you want because it comes from a specific source, i believe is true God power. And therefore everything in reality is easy. But you need to prove and repeat that first. The last part seems to be talking about focus and consciousness. Or peak state. Where you are in complete alignment of what you want. In a recent podcast interview i watched, a scientist talked about how we may not be in control of anything that we do including our thoughts. It seems that the cell or atoms are already working with one another, killing weak ones, through evolution. All these small microscopic decisions may make up a macro decision which we believe we make. I may be totally off on this. But that's how it resonated with me.
  18. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Oh trust me, that's why i stay incognito, and i thought about wearing masks in order to spread information. I am scared of the very same things you mentioned. But idk there might be a better way This guy is a legend though. "this is SonoftheGawds, Lonemaanpaii dawt com". gotta love that intro
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  20. Who is Loneman Pai?

    Haha it's all fun, i'm just joking. my intuition actually tells me to trust him, but my chicken brain says no. And i dont want that extra paranoia in my life to be honest, i think i am fairly similar to him. i agree with his viewpoints. someone please bring him here, i want to know more about his other cyborg life
  21. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I can understand needing to hide one's face on YouTube. Especially if involved in heavy hitting spirit work. You might be vulnerable to witchcraft type attacks aimed at your visage, or any other category of stalker behavior. Of course if intention is pure, nothing to really fear. Some people just shy as hell and need aids to expression. I'd even consider it a form of humility. I agree the designs on Loneman's masks are distracting if not totally scared me off from watching at all for a while. When I viewed him now I most often scroll off or minimize it and just listen to the audio, aha. I wonder if even his accent is fake . All said and done though, the mask type is less relevant, even kind of endearing if you're familiar with Lucha Libre tradition, or possibly a modern take on Noh.
  22. Who is Loneman Pai?

    From what little I've garnered, he isn't much interested in changing anyone's mind. He found what works for him, and is willing to share it - at which point he gets to set the terms. BTW The one mask is a Venom one - not demonic, but symbiotic, and I found it somehow appropriate.. either his system is a good and natural fit for someone, or it won't work. (Look up Venom if you don't understand.)
  23. Did The Sun Come Up ?

    Maybe none of this is real, but should live in gratefulness as if it is real and can discover it in its entirety, instead of living this real/non real reality as if it doesn't exist? Sometimes i think damn is this all in my head? what if the person i'm trying to talk to isn't even real. since i may never know and it may never matter, it's just too depressing to even think that, for me. So i choose to believe these people are real. but idk crap tbh. To be honest though, this whole real non real comes from concepts i've learened, and therefore from my mind. My heart tells me this is real, even if it doesn't have to be real objectively speaking. but then what is 'objective' in reality . My heart and soul wants to experience reality. And maybe the physical things we experience aren't reality, but the feelings and inward experiences are.
  24. The Doomsday Scenario

    In regards to the black holes. It's not necessarily that those are the end of us. It's more like, they are comining timelines. And therefore poeple's consciousness is being affected into merging with their other self. If energies from another timeline want to do things here, who's to say they don't want to destroy what's here. at the end of Pet goat 2 video, pyramid on his forward head represents mt kailash or maybe shamballa. swastica symbol in reverse is the same as shamballa symbol. Germany and hitler were in talks with spiritual beings, and people from Tibet. Mt kailash, is shiva's mountain. there is a statue of shiva at cern headquarters. and back to pet goat 2 video. What the hell is going on...
  25. Who is Loneman Pai?

    i recently messaged Loneman about his recent youtube videos, and that i thought he was a trustworthy guy who didn't do himself justice with the masks he wears . to make it short, he basically said not to judge based off appearance. Has not changed my mind, because i can't get passed masks that look demonic. lol I get the feeling, he came back with a good heart, and intentions, but is incredibly confused because he was probably really evil in his past life . i may have been too.. Anyways, @Forwards Could you politely ask Loneman, if he could participate in this thread? I think it would both bring value to us and to him. "I guarantee it"
  26. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    so i smoke marijuana. I have heard the precautions, so don't take me for not knowing anything. I want to say, that in my experience yes it has downfalls and it has upsides just like with anything. I am not going to stop, unless someone gives me something valid and through some experience. Otherwise, i'm not going to listen to tones of old ways of teaching saying "just dont". i respect myself and my opinions. so if anyone has anything to say, i am open to hearing. But fyi, will be trying this out on Marijuana, because i have purposely avoided it due to listening to others and fear. Also, i bet Shamballians, yes shamballians took marijuana. Nungali is this true? lol
  27. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    I am doing quite well by myself for myself. But i want to experience that with others. and it seems difficult. anyways, i agree with a lot that you say. i just think that i've been trying to answer my question by known means, and it doesn't work. It's okay though, to each his own. Anyways, will have feedback soon on astral. I think i am unconsciously scared or something. I'm able to do a lot of things that i want, but yet i don't go all the way. whoa seems to be the story of my life. okay, let's see what happens with this.
  28. Shambhala

    Also, anyone want to go to China?
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