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  2. Question about breath retention

    This is how I read it to focus on the inhalation and to try to hold on to it (the inhalation) .The truth is just the opposite( NOT to focus on the inhalation and to don't hold on to it) (OR to focus on the exhalation). You point to a quote, I point to another. Why he contradicts himself? Is Master Nan hiding a secret breathing technique for enlightenment? Maybe the idea of the practice isn't to hold on a secret moment when the breathing ceases, but to observe the mind ceasing.
  3. Not much , but I am quite sure that there is no yin-yang concepts as Taoist in the Indian Yoga system. Indian Yoga entered China more than one thousand years ago , so the Chinese Buddhists and Taoists do know what it is .
  4. Anger, Fakeness, Assertion

    Yes the level of conditioning is quite extreme about such things. Underneath it is the self-hatred, refusal to exist. The ego is behind it. What we call anger is simply self protection and self activation energy, everyone has it, even God responds to things, that's karma. But the ego fantasises about being perfect about being spiritual and better. The level of conditioning of self-hatred is quite extreme. Pretending you don't exist, pretending that when people crap on you that you aren't angry. Pretending you are somehow immune to simple things. It's all ego. She explains it well. Never getting angry is self-righteous, you think you are above it all. That will trigger conflict with this world. Walking around thinking that you are too good for this place. If you can't even accept your meagre self at this low level, how will you accept yourself at a higher level. Having so many strategies to be better than what you are here, the same will happen everywhere. I can only think this will cause failure on the spiritual journey.
  5. Tools to Wake Up and Grow Up

    Found this article earlier today. Definitely worth reading. I found the following sections quite relevant: Emphasis is mine, of course.
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  7. Question about breath retention

    i.e. AFTER exhale. That's the actual Master Nan quote at 1 minute from that video you posted. Thanks for corroborating the other evidence quotes I posted.
  8. Hi exorcist_1699, I find your mention of hair growth interesting. Are hair aerial roots...? - Anand
  9. Question about breath retention

    oops -someone can't read two sentences?
  10. Hi Spotless, Wu wei ringing ~ without personal manipulation and orchestration? - Anand
  11. any good gin and tonic recipes?

    You could always drink kryptonite instead. - a Nungali invention 1 part Cointreau 1 part Midori melon liquor 1/2 part Absynthe lemon juice
  12. Hi Rocky, You believe in Destiny? What Does Taoism Say About Fate and Future? Is it Predetermined? *Taoist practitioners spend a lot of time coming to understand the flow of change and time. Where issues of the future, fate, choice, or prophecy are matters of guesswork or faith in most religions, it is neither within Taoism. *Knowledge of change and time is highly accurate and can be relied upon as valuable information. *Some things are predetermined and absolutely will occur. *Most events are not predetermined, but are highly likely because the influences that are bringing about the event are unlikely to change. *The I Ching is designed to instruct one on the flow of change. *It provides a model of the major influences and expressions of those influences, and is often used to reveal the future. - The Taoism for the Modern World - Anand (P.S. Who is SO?)
  13. Anger, Fakeness, Assertion

    Not sure why “No anger” is “fake”. As long as you're not suppressing it. I think the more clear a person is, the more one is aware that anger is not really necessary in interacting with others. Usually it gets in the way (in a big way). I would even say an anger response is usually based on one’s own internal conflict of the situation.
  14. Temple style Taiji Quan

    Aw man... Bummer... I was just circling back around to it would you PM me the Link. Thanks.
  15. Anger, Fakeness, Assertion

    Route 666 or bust?
  16. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Problem with this type of idea, of which they are innumerable in the TTC, is that it is an attitude that you take towards the external. But in my opinion whatever attitude you take towards the external ... is irrelevant. Because it is only when you stop looking outside and do the inner work of self-recognition that you will be enlightened. Good question. And a real question. One reason is that our society lives in the castle of a previous more capable era. If our society burnt to the ground, this generation would not be able to recreate it. So in fact we are frauds, and we fool ourselves pretty good. In fact this situation is untenable and the castle will fall at some point. A second answer is that the inner derangement of human beings is hidden but very real. A third answer is that for many reasons of our own making and many reasons not of our own making our species suffers and are deeply unhappy and this is expressed by harming others. A fourth reason is that we are not conscious and we don't live in reality. In this world a good rule of thumb is to estimate how much effort it takes to get to the finish line. And then do 3 times as much. And do it 3 times faster than you think you have. And then ... you might just make it. Life gives you many many second chances. But eventually you will run out time and as you age it will get harder. Such things can lead you to intensive work, and intensive stillness, equally. Those who are most ignorant rush to publish books teaching people how to be, or take positions of power. Perhaps as an instinct to hide their nothingness. And those who are awake, are hesitant, it is a dangerous place to be a moral man. Our species deserves to be living in trees with the gorillas, but through some misfortune, one part of us has become overdeveloped, what we call the "mind" which seems to have developed in relation to hunting, the hunting part of our mind that focusses externally on controlling the environment ... that is overdeveloped, far ahead of the rest of us. So we can make "technology" to robotise things and blow things up and wreck havok. But we cannot do anything else, we cannot really understand anything. We cannot solve problems, and we don't know what our problems actually are. So like an addict we resort to more technology (more external control). But it won't work. Because we can exert control externally, we assume that we are okay. But we are not okay. Humans talk about their plans, about their dreams, about solving their problems. But they all die and nobody is checking whether anything really got achieved. The plug is pulled and it's over. Nobody checks to see if the plans were achieved, if they did the music would stop. Many people even fool themselves that they are spiritual. Whole lineages and traditions are like the Marie Celeste, a ghost ship that continues but nothing is alive within it. It's chaos. It is the kind of territory where extreme measures need to be taken. You don't have to learn the first time disaster strikes, but you should learn soon enough.
  17. Welcome Post

    I like Rawn Clarks stuff, more Hermetic then Daoist, but many free unique energy practices. I like the Archaeous, CSM and YHVH canticle. .. note the site is down at the moment.
  18. Why do YOU think the world is so messed up?

    Umm ... ok. So, maybe, territories to clarify and how they interact: society (dystopia, utopia, all that) one’s own humanness mystical experience. Some sort of sensible proportion, approach, tempo of influence, how much to expect those areas to solve each other / and not. Really. Not pie in the sky. The serious seasoned viewpoints do not match the advertising, lol. There is a Daoist saying, “knowing the white, keep the black”. Mystics do spend more time alone, and there should be vigilance about that masking escapism & neglect. Marsha Sinetar wrote an excellent book, “Ordinary People as Monks and Mystics”, in which she sought out and interviewed mature people with *functional* lifestyles.
  19. Anti-aging Sages

    Lu Zijian and Late Great Master Huo were sworn brothers with Huo being the elder brother. They fought together the monopolistic influence of Foreign freight companies deserving first the Yangtze river then later in Shanghai. Later they join Chinese Resistance against Japanese troops. He killed three Japanese Martial arts experts in duels. During of the raids they launched against the Japanese troops, Lu’s wife was killed. He used one single palm to kill one Foreign boxer named Marshall. The name of Lu Zijian grew very fast so that Chiang Kai-shek (Jiang Jie Shi) the Chinese military and political leader who was leading the Kuomintang (KMT) appointed him as one-star general and Head Bodyguard (General Chiang had thirteen top bodyguards, all of them were his disciples). During China’s Liberation Lu did not follow the major of Chiang’s remaining troops in Taiwan, he choose to stay in Mainland China, he stayed in a labor camp up to 70’s. But later he held progressively important posts such as President of Chongqinq North South Wushu Federation, Martial Arts Chief Instructor of the We He Chongqing Headquarters, Chairman of the Association of Chongqing Traditional Chinese Medicine, President of Sichuan Province Martial Arts Association, Director of the Chinese Martial Arts Research Institute... In 1982 he was Gold medalist of the Gold Lion National Martial Arts Tournament. He received a special Gold Award in 1984 at the Emei Mountain Boxing Tournament. 1985 appointed President of the International Gongfa Association. 1994, the Chief Adviser of the International Qigong Association, in 2000 he received the gold medal Senior People from the Chinese State Administration of Sports. The Chinese Ministry of Sports, Department of Martial Arts attributed him the title of “Leading authority of Chinese Martial Arts” and rewarded the highest rank of Nine Duan in 2002. He was the Honorary President of the Chinese Wudang Wushu Federation. His contribution as Expert in Chinese Medicine Treatments for Bone Injuries is widely recognized as he treated successfully numbers of patients in whole China. Besides his pedagogic skills, his chivalric and generous temperament lead him to nurture thousands of disciples including foreign students, some of them are even very famous and own their own martial arts schools, perpetuating the “Zijian” style martial arts. All are under the head organization of Mr. Wang Qinghua. In 1986, he was hired as Principal Consultant International Qigong Society. In the same year he was appointed as Vice resident of the Wudang Martial Arts Development Center of California General Counsel. Since the implementation of the national Wushu Duan ranking system, Lu was involved in the long-term task to revise the teaching and training in Chinese martial arts with all the other 9 Duan top ranking experts of Chinese Martial Arts.
  20. Anti-aging Sages

  21. I love it. "I feel like I haven't achieved anything." "GOOD!"
  22. Anti-aging Sages

    Daoist Bagua Master Lu Zijian 118 years old
  23. Anger, Fakeness, Assertion

    This is a great video (sound quite low unfortunately) about the fakeness of never getting angry and always being nicey nicey, why it happens and so on. You can download it on y2mate if you want to boost the volume btw. Here's another thought, if God doens't care that everyone gets murdered down here, should we ? I believe I have arrived at the satan worshipping juncture of the spiritual path.
  24. Welcome Post

    Believe it or not WikiHow is getting some decent distillates of the basics. Jump right in, but take it slow and safe ♥
  25. Question about breath retention

    holding the breath at all is silly unless doing something other than anapanasati-breathConditioning-stillness (i.e. not achieving regular samhadi yet and working towards...) you simply dont fully de-link from the identification of the breath process fully - to the extent that there is any pause whatsoever, refer to a piston's motion inside of an engine relative to the crankshaft at the bottom of the stroke while there is the lowest piston-crankshaft angle - the piston sort of pauses its motion even though the crankshaft continues its motion through the bottom of the stroke and into the upside. paying good attention is what burns the pattern into the medulla's subconscious breath programming more efficiently - so by programming no pauses in there, it makes the autonomic effects that much more efficient when they are being relied upon. so I guess perhaps maybe we can differentiate between where breath retention is useful instead of overlapping it with a context of achieving samhadi - because "active" things will not directly produce samhadi.
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