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  2. Are you a Shaman

    Amon Duul ??? WOW ... I only know of two people who know of them (including me ) I think it must have been a wild night before the morning of this photo of them I am curious about the 'Shamanic trait' of feeling like 'not belonging anywhere' as in my Shamanic tradition, that is a central part of it. One just doesnt 'belong' to a place ... one is actually a part of it . Recently an indigenous artist here won a self portrait competition , it was a picture of her 'country' . people said , "No thats a landscape, She said, " No, thats me ! " And since , here anyway, that is an accepted tradition, it was allowed, and she won the comp. But my tradition is a VERY old one , perhaps the oldest still extant on the planet ? here is my teacher with some of the nephs ( his nephews)
  3. Blockage Removal vs Qi Flow

    Looking forward to what others say. How long have you been doing energy practice/qigong? I ask, because i thought it was the actual solution to issues such as traumatized parts of my body. But not so sure if that alone is enough now. I was learning to heal myself before i came across these practices 3 months ago and created a lot of theories that have proven to work for me at least. Since trying to get into these practices, and following directions, i have since felt like my body is not as balanced as before. My theory was because my body is 'broken' to the point where qigong practices are not as effective, it's not granular enough and slow enough to focus on what needs to be worked on. Like there might be prior preparation that needs to be made. For now, i can say that the main ideas i have thought about are: - if you've had physical trauma, the body conforms to a certain mechanical way of working/moving at all times. That means everything from standing, walking, running, sitting, etc. further keeps those areas imbalanced. - so one must re-train the bio mechanics to work properly when doing practically every activity. - to me retraining biomechanics means loosening the muscles (through a variety of methods), working them out in a specific way where it is moving exactly how it should with all correct muscles recruiting. - i have specific techniques i will share. but i want to hear more and what others have to say. These physical injuries, in my opinion is one gateway to full potential. Soreness from running is a physical injury too. - without getting into specifics, one theory also goes along the lines of injury -> muscle dysfunction else where -> incorrect posture at core areas such as face, hips. So one needs to fix the dysfunction in that same order all the way to the end. Otherwise, any of these can simply recreate entire issue again. In my experience these more traumatic injuries are an opportunity to become very energy powerful, because of the requirement it takes to fix oneself.
  4. Mr Bean,- Atkinson ,close second.. ,Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin. Oh boy those were funny! Also the crews of Seinfeld and Monty Python, those had more staying power, George Carlin ,also great , but that was a lot agreeing more than just hearty laughing.
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  6. Are you a Shaman

    I'm so grateful that you posted this topic, mrpasserby. I have a history with this, and some of the criteria above make me feel so much better about my current state. Yes, I believe I am - and have walked the path since reading the Castaneda series seriously as an adult maybe 30 years ago. I did this because I was married to a native American man who was a shaman. He put me on to the books, although I was pretty firmly entrenched in metaphysics at that point. But to my delight I realized that so much of what Don Juan would tell Carlos was metaphysical in nature and merged so conveniently with my path. I have done some wonderful healing with this. I use a shamanic-type ceremony (of course using rattles, drums, medicine staffs, healing hoop, sometimes cannabis to get into the second attention immediately). I don't really require the ceremonial part for the healing, but people really like it and it keeps them a bit off-guard in their thinking; it keeps them from thinking "Oh this is ridiculous, it'll never work". They're too distracted with the other stuff around. Previously, when my husband was alive, he would perform an acknowledgment of the directions, things like that within the ceremony as well. But my gift is to be able to see why the person is manifesting the malady, very deep personality dynamics, which I can see because of a 3rd eye and a 4th step. Doing a recovery 4th step and acknowledging the blockages and unwanted traits within myself means I can recognize the problem in another. Clarity appears. And I use the understanding that we are All One to anchor as a basis to escort that person to the other side, the side of health. But what I'm really grateful for is this - the paragraph that talks about being an introvert because we're actually a sort of bridge from one field to another. This gives me relief because I sometimes beat myself up for not wanting to participate in more things, and I have virtually no social life at all. I just don't want to go out there. And that's nothing new. Neither Joe nor I, when he was alive, socialized with much of anybody. The ceremonies may have been the most social part of us. Maybe now that I see that I have a reason for being an in introvert, I'll stop flogging myself.
  7. Neiye - Introduction - Multi-authors

    Hi Yueya, For me unfolding experiences top ~ they pertain to firsthand knowledge without aforethought. With humility in mind ~ I like to believe that I should write my own text with brevity in mind. Reading a good text after the fact gives me these moments re a tree of knowledge... And this good text will become a personal reference like The Good Book. Also having a soulmate to trustingly share a path on a road less traveled is to me a part of Destiny. - Anand
  8. Are you a Shaman

    Well.. I don't like to get squeezed, so maybe*. *note you have to be at least this old <46, to that joke.
  9. Astral Projection (don't shoot)

    The Oxus civilisation was developed, in part, from PIE influence from the north Steppe country, - Andronovo people the top trade route into China and guess what They where mobile people, from Russian Steppe, heavily tattooed and pierced, dealt and took drugs, burned round on the first ever light chariots, raided and plundered, drank a lot, lived in interconnected 'gangs' and where supported by a central authority ...... hmmmmm ? From shady dictators to shadowy Ukrainian separatists, Russian President Vladimir Putin has attracted some unusual allies. The Night Wolves, a Kremlin-funded, leather-clad, heavily tattooed... Scythian tattoos
  10. My Kundalini/Shaktipat Initiation

    Hi Eclair, very happy that you have benefited from Guru Siyag's initiation and mantra. I also share the view that he is a genuine Siddha, as I have benefited tremendously from his guidance.
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  12. Neiye - Section 3 - Multi-authors

    I've been struggling with the 'citizen' issue for a few days, and finally saw my way forward in the Chinese cultural notion of the sage-king, which Apech alluded to earlier. The quote below frames it in a way I can start to understand: Daoist philosophy characteristically contrasts the Cosmic Dao in its naturalness, spontaneity, and eternal rhythmic fluctuation with the artificiality, constraint, and stasis of human society and culture. Humanity will flourish only to the extent that the human way (rendao) is attuned to or harmonized with the Cosmic Dao, in part through the wise rule of sage-kings who practice wuwei, or the virtue of taking no action that is not in accord with nature.
  13. Are you a Shaman

    A long time ago I posted a longer version of this story (OR Is It!). I new a practitioner who never saw a spirit, he had practiced and trained for 30 years, and worked as directed through ceremonies and the like. I as part of my moving up a notch in my calling had the opportunity to give him a final initiation, which had 3 parts. he passed each part with flying colors, the last of which was facing off against the most powerful sourcer that I new at the time. In the battle of wills that lasted a in-determined amount of time, the practitioner clearly saw the Scourer's spirit avatar and his fully functional tuple, as they entered his area and attempted to focus-(the process is complicated and not in my area of practice) him into becoming one of the Scourer's many followers. After reading many of your inspiring posts I for one think that you have realy got what it takes.
  14. Shambhala

    He goes into the area of the maps above. Its a multi series that follows the path of Alexander the Great into this area. Supposedly Alexander travelled through this area and established numerous cities ... 'established' .... more like conquered what was there and had been there for a long time. In any case. one of those series in Badakhsan/ Pamir area, he goes through how this area matches with the ancient descriptions, but he cant find the river that supposedly encircles the central area. Well, he can find the river, but it doesnt encircle like tge descriptions said. So he assumes he is in the wrong place or its all myth. But then he meets a a local who tells him that the river used to do that but there was a massive landslide that blocked the rivers path and caused a diversion into another valley system a long time ago. It used to travel in the path described . Anyway, thats it. Make of it what you will . One day, if the wars and fundamentalist maniacs in that region calm down, we might get better access and some very interesting archaeology might turn up . It is possible, some of the people in the area ( Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan ) say they are sick of it, its going no where, no resolve. They blame Islam and say its not even their religion and some talk of going back to Zoroastrianism and claiming their anceint heritage . I suppose they want 'good governance ' Tajikistan
  15. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Me too. I got that feeling also beyond his heritage like the Dragon was not happy with the way he was made to serve. I thought well he is a Young Dragon but not a foolish one and has much to atone for as he grows older for his misdeeds even though misled. We may give him a pass but I get the feeling he will not give himself one. I predict this is not the last we have seen of this Dragon. Well said I agree.
  16. Shambhala

    According to the Buddhist Kalachakra, Shambhala, presently hidden to the rest of the world, is a paradise of peace, tranquility, honesty and wisdom. It is home of the primordial and highest spiritual teachings, a tantra of the cycle of time now hidden from us but one that will eventually save the world from evil. Before it adopted Buddhism, the people were followers of the Mlechha, a Yavana or western, religion, some of whom worshiped the sun. Emulating the time periods in Zoroastrian eschatology which uses a cycle of time, as well as emulating the Zoroastrian concept of a final struggle between good against evil. All these concepts passed into western religions, including a personalised coming 'saviour' o ' Saoshyant' , "one who brings benefit", and is a saviour figure who bring about Frashokereti, the final renovation of the world in which evil is finally destroyed. So, the proposal is that since Shambhala, the land surrounding Mount Meru, is identified as the Vedic Arya Varta, and since the Vedic Arya Varta in turn corresponds to the Avestan Airyana Vaeja (which contains Mount Hara), that the land surrounding Shambhala, Mount Meru and Airyana Vaeja are intimately linked if not the same land. If theassociation is correct, what all four traditions, Zoroastrian, Hindu, Bon and Buddhist, have preserved, is the topography of ancient Airyana Vaeja - a land of fertile valleys and alpine meadows ringed by high snow-capped high mountains. These observations point to a location for Airyana Vaeja, the ancient Aryan homeland, in the general vicinity of Tajikistan, southern Uzbekistan, northern Afghanistan, and south-western Turkmenistan - the approximate area in the map below. More specifically, the observations point to the strong candidacy of the Pamir-Badakhshan region (the areas neighbouring Balkh to the east and north: the upper Amu Darya basin and the Wakhan Valley of eastern Tajikistan and northern Afghanistan), the Hindu Kush to its eastern extremity south of Balkh and bordering the Murgab and Harirud valleys, the Yagnobi , Zerafshan and Fergana valleys, as well as the Alai mountain environs in Western Kyrgyzstan. The full extent of the Badakhshan region extends beyond the borders of Tajikistan to the east, south and south-west. To the east, Badakhshan extends into land that is today part of China. To the south and south-west, Badakhshan extends into modern-day Afghanistan . China's acquisition of eastern Badakhshan came about through centuries of westward expansion beyond ancient Chin and the borders of Chin marked by the Great Wall of China. The division of Badakhshan between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, was a result of the Anglo-Russian agreement of 1873 that created a buffer strip between the Russian and Britis The Pamir-Badakhshan region is home to very old Zoroastrian historical sites and most of the Zoroastrian historical sites we have identified so far in Tajikistan, are in the Badakhshan-Pamir region. There are also enigmatic hand and feet symbols carved into the rock of the Pamir mountains. The Pamiri consider the rocks holy, saying that holy men have stepped on these rocks in the remote past. A strong candidate for the location of Airyana Vaeja is the general area around Tajikistan and more specifically, the Pamir-Badakhshan region.historic Greater Badakhshan divided between Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and China. The border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan is the Panj river where it forms the Wakhan valley. The border between Tajikistan and China is the Sarykol Range, one of the Kunlun mountain ranges. The Pamiri-Badakhshani people claim to be an Iranian group related to, but distinct from, the Tajiks and other Afghans. They speak dialects of the Pamiri language, an eastern Iranian language indigenous to the region. Map of the Pamir-Badakhshan region in Tajikistan, Eastern China and N. E. Afghanistan By Marcus Hauser. (Click for a larger map) Hmmmmmm ..... 'Shamballa' is supposed to be in a range of internal mountains enclosed by mountain ranges at all four directions and surrounded by a circular river . here is another view of the above area ; It seems a pretty good match . Then I encountered this guy ... what an adventurer !
  17. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Ask him which he liked better an over powered Thanos without the gauntlet or having a Mark Rufio persona and appearance dominate the Hulk through the whole movie? For that matter In Thor Ragnarok the Hulk would have cleaned old Purple Puss's clock. Thanos was never in his league when it came to power. Or how about Disney Butching up Captain Marvels beautiful long hair and making her weaker again than Thanos when she was clearly one of the most powerful characters on the board. I mean seriously she rips through Battle Ships like they are made of tissue paper and traverses galaxies under her own steam. Errr no sale Disney. Thanos has never been this powerful without the Gauntlet. Next thing you know if the character makes an appearance she will have a Afro-American Hispanic / Chinese / Atheist / Left Wing girlfriend..... Yay Disney!!!! NOT!!! Or how about a Thor who has more in common with a beer guzzling redneck than a God of Thunder. Or how about how Captain America gave up his shield all so Disney can have a Captain Afro-American? Or how about using weak story telling using Time Travel and even screwing that up? Geez whoever put that movie together is an idiot. Lovely company with so many agendas can hardly wait to see how badly they destroy the next Star Wars. In a way I am glad Disney ended things, they were ruining it horribly.
  18. Who is Loneman Pai?

    @Forwards, what's the coolest/most usable thing you've learned from LMP? are you allowed to say?
  19. Can you relate the time-start of each movement... given an hour video...
  20. Shambhala

    ( having difficulty posting - post boxes keep doing weird things, and new ones will not except text ??? so I have to keep breaking things up, going off site, re opening etc ) So, as well as having beautiful nature and resources, a wise king and good governance - a good place to live - The heavenly nature of Airyana Vaeja during the Jamshidi era reached mythic proportions in Yasht 19.33, the Zamyad Yasht. Then, the weather was neither cold nor hot. But things where soon to change . It appears climate change was the cause . In the Avestas it warns about a great cold coming, snow being deep on the ground. winter lasting for a very long period and animal and human population being drastically reduced ( 'not a hoof or footprint on the snow ) . The people are instructed to create safe havens, a new type of farm setup with housing for animals and people, close together and/or underground to protect against the long harsh winters that are coming . Let's jump to 'Shangri - la' for a bit . Tibetan Buddhism's book of Kala-Chakra, the Time-Cycle, and Tibetan Buddhism's predecessor religion, Bon, built on and popularized this concept of a lost and hidden paradise on earth, now known to the world as Shangri-La. [The founding of the Bon religion is ascribed to Tonpa Shenrab Miwoche who was born - by some estimates 18,000 years ago - in the land of Tagzig Olmo Lung Ring. Tagzig, is believed to be a form of the name Tajik. (The name Shenrab sounds Iranian as well.) The doctrine taught by Tonpa Shenrab was spread by his disciples and their student-translators to adjacent countries such as Zhang-Zhung (also Zhangzhung, Shang Shung or Xang Xung - a land north of the Himalayas, which contained Mount Kailash in today's Western Tibet), India (northern Indus valley), Kashmir, China and eventually Greater Tibet. Tonpa Shenrab is reputed to have visited present-day western Tibet once. On that visit he found the people unprepared to receive the entire body of his teachings, but he prophesied that his teachings would flourish in Tibet in the coming ages. The students of his disciples continued his mission and Tibetan Bon scriptures were translated from texts in the language of Zhang-Zhung. [Bon claims to have spread south to the Indian subcontinent and to have influenced the development of Vedic Hinduism. Perhaps pre-Tibetan Bon was a form of the primordial religion before Zoroastrianism and Vedic Hinduism. Buddhism in turn evolved out of Vedic Hinduism (c. 400 BCE). Completing a full circle, today's Bon is so heavily influenced by Buddhism that it sounds like a Buddhist sect. Perhaps some scholars may take it upon themselves to try and isolate the precepts of the pre-Buddhism Bon. In regard to the clinate change of this era; pollen and tree ring analysis indicates the Chang Tang plateau in Northern Tibet had a far more liveable environment than it has today - one that supported a primordial civilization - until the climate become colder and drier starting around 1500 BCE, a climate change that caused the population to migrate out of the northern plateau. The ancient and later Zoroastrian link to western Tibet is further exemplified by the common tradition of exposing the dead to birds. At the centre of the land of Tagzig (called Shambhala in the Kalachakra) was Olmo Lungring which had at its centre, Yungdrung Gutsek, a four-sided mountain similar to Mount Meru / Sumeru (see above). The mountain is surrounded by temples, cities and parks. To the mountain's south is the Barpo Sogye palace, where Tonpa Shenrab was born. The complex of palaces, rivers and parks with Mount Yungdrung Gutseg in the centre constitutes the inner region (Nang-gling) of Olmo Lungring. The intermediate region (Bar-gling) consists of twelve cities, four of which lie in the four cardinal directions. The third region includes the outer land (mTha'-gling). These three regions are encircled by snow-capped mountains and an ocean.
  21. Shambhala

    Sounds like America Still following you. You're really setting us up for fireworks on Shambhala.
  22. Shambhala

    Vendid , faragad 1. Ahura Mazda spake unto Spitama Zarathushtra, saying: I have made every land dear (to its people), even though it had no charms whatever in it: had I not made every land dear (to its people), even though it had no charms whatever in it, then the whole living world would have invaded the Airyana Vaeja3. 2,The first of the good lands and countries which I, Ahura Mazda, created, was the Airyana Vaeja5, by the Vanguhi Daitya Looking at the commentaries ; Airyanem Vaeja, Iran-Vej, is the holy land of Zoroastrianism: Zarathushtra was born and founded his religion there (Bund. 20.32; 32.3): the first animal couple appeared there (Bund. 14.4; Zadspram, 9.8). From its name, 'the Iranian seed,' it seems to have been considered as the original seat of the Iranian race. It has been generally supposed to belong to Eastern Iran, like the provinces which are enumerated after it, chiefly on account of the name of its river, the Vanguhi Daitya, which was in the Sassanian times (as Veh) the name of the Oxus. This some contention about the number of lands , different aged texts list different numbers, but they all have info on Airyanum Vaeja More descriptions of Airyanum Vaeja ; Verses 10.13-14 of the Meher Yasht state that the Aryan land had many mountains, valleys, and pastures (pouru vastraongho) that supported cattle (gave). It was rich in waters (afento), deep lakes (jafra varayo) and wide rivers. The land, while mountainous had alpine meadows and fertile, well-watered vales. The Mehr Yasht at 10.13 and 14 states that the Aryan abode (airyo-shayanem) was "where the high mountains (garayo berezanto), rich in pastures and waters, yield plenty to the cattle". Reading the Zamyad Yasht at (19.1) we are given the impression that the Hara was one of two concentric rings of mountains, or at least ones that "lie all around" . , Zoroastrian texts describe Airyana Vaeja as being mountainous with fertile meadows and valleys. In addition, the opening words of the Avestan Vendidad's chapter listing the sixteen nations, states that if God had not made other countries beautiful in some manner, all the world would have swarmed into Airyana Vaeja on account of its great beauty and - as mentioned elsewhere in the Avesta - because of its wise king and good government, law and order, noble people and serenity. Airyana Vaeja was a paradise on earth - a land of peace and serenity, the best place to live and raise a family. [ Ths seems , either a new or a vestige form of governance know as wise kingship - it utilised a different form of rule and power and seemed more based on liberty than oppression. It seems to have ruled their civilisation at times, but then at other times they or the leaders 'fell from grace' and failed. Although hard to find evidence of a personal religion (ie. Zoroastrianism ) of Cyrus the Great, his form of Good Kingship was evident, and seems part of the old tradition ; eg. he allowed and helped build people's temples to other God's, he advocated multi culturalism, their societies where gender balanced with many wise rulers, famous warriors and a navy admiral being women (Artemisia) he released the Jews from captivity and sent them home in a procession with goods and treasure and helped them re build their temple, etc . ]
  23. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    I posted that exchange because I did not realize GRRM had such an extensive SF novel/novella backlog. Has anyone read any of these other Martin SF works (not Wildcards, not Dunk & Egg, not ASOIF). It certainly sounds like he's doing a whole Brandon Sanderson Cosmere-thing with his Thousand Worlds Universe. The whole Dragon-gene vs. Warg-gene thing reminds me of the Bene Geserit breeding program for the genetic Superbeing Kwisatz Haderach.
  24. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    In the show he didn't warg into any person beside Hodor which was a special case. It suggests his ability wasn't that strong. Her doing it made sense but how she did it was bad. The whole faceless training and buildup went in a complete different direction. Being a master of silent kills was shoehorned in the last few episodes and doesn't really fit to how the faceless men operated or trained her.
  25. Blockage Removal vs Qi Flow

    Can you share the body parts most affected ?
  26. Neiye - Introduction - Multi-authors

    I agree overall. And have thought more about doing the other two works, particularly if we can find an english translation.
  27. Omniscience. Game of Thrones.

    Too bad there's zero real life reward for nerding out over fiction.
  28. Shambhala

    It was a friends mate, I forgot he was coming to pick up my old wood burning heater I am giving him. It weighs a ton ! So. We have a forgotten , semi mythical 'Pishdadian Era' that has been equated with a newly found ancient civilisation; the old Oxus area/ Oxus civilisation / BMAC. They seem to have held important centres along the south Central Asian oasis route - the green patches , near Gonur, the Murgab river delta, Gonur, the headwaters of the Oxus and its tributary valleys to the east going up into the Pamirs. Gonur-Tepe's southern complex Merv / Margiana Looking at the old Avestan texts, they talk about a series of lands , that they at least knew about. Archaeology shows they where connected, at least by trade. Most info comes from the Vendidad : ( ttps:// ) I will try to make it painless and present a tabulated summary ... the scripture goes on and on and is very repetitive AVESTAN NAME. OLD PERSIAN. GREEK MODERN NAME. Sughdha (2) Suguda Sogdianh Soghd (Samarkand) Mouru (3) Margu Margianh Marv Bakhdhi (4) Bâkhtri Baktra Balkh Haroyu (6) Haraiva `Areia Harê(rud) Vehrkana (9) Varkâna 'Urkania Gurgân, Jorgân Harahvaiti (10) Harauvati `Aracwsia Av-rokhaj, Arghand-(âb) Haetumant (11) `EtumandoV Helmend Ragha (12) Ragâ 'Ragai Raî Hapta hindu (15) Hindava `Indoi Hind (Punjab) Vaekereta (7) Kâpûl Kabul Urva (8) Mêshan Mesene Varena (14) Patashkhvârgar or Dailam Tabaristân or Gîlân Rangha (16) Arvastâni Rûm Eastern Mesopotamia Note that number 1 is missing . I will quote that section specifically
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