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  2. What happens to suicides?

    How is this known?
  3. A wonderful quote! And so very close to the Hindu principle of Karma Yoga - wherein 'right work done well is a form of prayer'.
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  5. New Book - A Lineage of Dragons

    I made an announcement video
  6. What happens to suicides?

    Trust in the value of strangers. No need to google for teachers. There is likely one right down the street. Provided the weather is decent, go ahead and walk over there when you get a break. Also check behind any trees you may pass. Do not be afraid to give a big smile and a wave to the teacher wherever you meet them. Even if it's forced. It need not go any further than that for now. Repeat this process, and the truth you seek will eventually open up. As for hell.. there's obviously no way to say with absoluteness what becomes of an individual mind that undergoes whatever form of death awaits it. But may I remind, that in the case of suicide, continuation and multiplication of suffering are guaranteed. Even if not in the experience of the individual, but by those they'd leave behind..
  7. ~ DILGO KHYENTSE RINPOCHE ~ The body contains channels and the mind is associated with the energies that flow through the channels. When the impure karmic energy associated with the deluded mind flows through impure channels, it gives rise to the three poisons – attachment, aversion, and bewilderment. If the karmic energy that creates these three poisons is purified, this allows the wisdom energy to arise. And when one’s channels, energies, and essence become wisdom channels, wisdom energy, and wisdom essence, one obtains supreme concentration, perfect recollection, and irradiating confidence.
  8. My understanding is that the people of Gautama's time were largely superstitious, and believed strongly that their fate, and the fate of everything else, lies in the hands of the gods they revered. Gautama presented an alternative view which basically challenged this premise using very simple deductions based on the Four Noble Truths. I think what he wanted very much for his listeners/followers to understand is that each individual has their own karmic propensities, and because of this, each will perceive Brahman according to their own unique propensities, and therefore, Gautama posed the question whether or not the gods (under the command of an assumed triune Godhead) that supposedly appropriate punishment and reward, are actually doing that without regard for the possibility of some form of complex mitigating circumstances that the individual, in some small way, must first be personally held to account (rather than shunning all responsibility, which was prevalent at the time, and, strangely, still persists till this day). If the answer is yes, then there must be a way to work on those circumstances personally without having to defer to external adjudicating forces deemed greater or more powerful.
  9. Temple style Taiji Quan

    I’ve got several. They can’t be downloaded but are accessible on your account online.
  10. Temple style Taiji Quan

    Yeah he is also my master’s student and a friend.
  11. I read (from Eliade I think) that Gautama was following the Indian way of not answering to questions deemed irrelevant (such as "why is there something instead of nothing ?"). It makes sense then he would refuse to discuss this matter that by definition escapes words, and indeed has little impact on practice. Maybe going with the "emptiness" approach was also a mean to prevent further speculation, and make sure Dharma students were not distracted by trying to conceptualize or rationalize a named entity (as it is common in the Vedanta for example, with whole Upanishads dealing with the Brahman itself).
  12. Good question I can't speak for Buddhism, but I believe it was an oft-asked question during the time of Gautama, and one for which he opted to remain silent on, perhaps an indication of the absolute enormity and profoundness of subject when contrasted with the scale and limits of the mortal mind in harnessing such knowledge which may or likely may not have any bearing on the illumination that awaits from practicing the Dharma according to the Dharma as taught by Gautama the Buddha.
  13. If we just view Taoist dantians and the Indian chakras as some kind of centers where energy comes out, then it is easy to make some sort of comparisons , however , people seem to miss that there are yin-yang and i-ching concepts behind the Taoist dantian theory which the Indian system lacks of . For example , in the Taoist system , wherever part of our body gets convex/overhanging part and/ or hair growth , wherever is viewed as the part possessing yang qi . It is therefore not strange to find that the lower abdomen, center of our breasts and forehead plus the in-depth part from it to the skull be viewed as dantians ; and by focusing on any of them , it is much easier to mobilize qi we want . The general rule is while women be advised to paying attention to their middle dantians , men are advised to focus on their lower abdomen. The upper dantian , despite being some kind of short-cut to the final destination ,its difficulty of being managed in terms of how strong a strength we should apply , is seldom advocated. There is also no I-ching typed of concepts such as using water ( hidden in the lower dantian ) to counteract the upper fire ( the fluctuating minds) in the Indian system . In fact, it is unlikely that the mind can settle itself , empty itself without other help . In most cases, the more eager we want to settle it, empty it, the more minds we are putting into it... ,making it nearly an impossible job . Taoist solution gives us another perspective to deal with the issue .
  14. With this view, would you say Buddhism may considers the existence of a transcendental reality (or truth - I am thinking about something akin to Hinduism Brahman), simply one that we cannot grasp or conceptualize ? Or does Buddhism considers this question moot anyway ? Thank you.
  15. Boddhidharma & Shaolin 18 Lohan Hands They can be seen here taught by Wonk Kiew Kit
  16. Food, mood, what you chew and digest along the way...

    I also have similar experiences. The type of bodily activity (or passivity) and variation in food intake produce different states. After I finish a weight training workout, I feel ferocious and enter what I call a primal state. A strong craving for eating animal products develops. When I eat animal products (the strongest effect is from red meat, then chicken, eggs and fish), I feel a strong desire to do weight training and possibly other violent things. I believe this is the experience you describe as dark; I prefer to call it primal or ferocious. Similarly, if I refrain from eating meat and consume a purely vegetable based diet, I have the exact experience as you do. The urge for violent physical activities subsides and I enter an elevated state where meditation and energy work becomes much easier. The saying "you are what you eat" has deep meaning. Kudos for water fasting, I engage in it regularly and reap the benefits. In the end, I prefer to view these states as primal vs. elevated instead of dark vs. light. I think it is useful to listen to the body. I find that the body sends us many signals and many people choose to ignore them. If I feel like I'm catching a cold or flu, I feel a strong need to eat lots and lots of vegetables and also spices. At other times, I feel like eating animal products and engage in strenous physical exercise. For me, striking a balance works best.
  17. What happens to suicides?

    So you ended up in a sh.ty place with your vehicle, and got confused so much that you want to crash your vehicle delibaretely. If you crash it, you might not be imbursed a new one by the insurance co. as you were deliberate, and caused unnecessary turmoil to interdependent fellows on the road, and might get stuck in the same place, with a much inferior vehicle, or none, depending on your past records. Only way to move on is by another vehicle as you had not cultivated wisdom enough to figure out what is really happening. Only a weathered vehicle can get you out of your current scenery, so while you still have a decent one, hang on to it. Stop listening to the whining channel on your receiver and start by cleaning up, do some maintanence and get it physically fit. Happiness sprouts from physical balance, and a balanced vehicle withstands anything with a hearty laugh.
  18. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    There are no coincidences, really. The clips on that imjur thing were very creative, the hammer throw was incredible. Wow.
  19. Temple style Taiji Quan

    Anybody ordered the online videos by Waysun Liao? Can they be downloaded?
  20. Temple style Taiji Quan

    I did watch some of it. Still not really sure what was going on. I thought it looked similar to this video, though. I ordered Wayson Liao's book, T'ai Chi Classics, today. Maybe that will provide some clues.
  21. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    DDJ chapter 28, for instance, ends, "...復歸於樸.“(..."reverts to the uncarved block.") It's a Laozi greatest hit.
  22. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    Absolutely! My significant other has you beat on this – she is just as insistent on including a Chinese translation. Which is natural given our Chinese background. Thanks for sharing the context of DDJ in China today, it's good to be aware of this. This gives me the idea to possibly add a "Try another interpretation" button to the app for the user to tap if the current translation missed by a mile. I have definitely seen some translations go to extreme levels of vagueness . Comparisons might be interesting.
  23. What happens to suicides?

    Sigh, okay, but I just can't seem to trust no one and any of them teachers I found on Google in my area , what if they're clowns????3 I'm a clown already I don't want no other clown wasting my time fuck them ps: this after death discussions seem contradictory. Unless you really know for sure what happens, beware of spreading fear of hell v2.0, it wont work.
  24. What happens to suicides?

    Let me put it this way, if you feel this is bad, then what awaits you after suicide will be worse the soul must go through a process of purification, which detaches and cleanses it from all things "earthly"....if you try to escape the things you want, rather than face'll be made face them without any prospect of ever achieving them. We'll not enter into discussions regards the kama locas and whatnot (for now, at least). But i will leave you with this (and it is a most accurate description) from the movie "Jacobs ladder" along with a corresponding piece of art by Matthias Grunewald which depicts the process "If you're afraid of dying, and you're holdin' on, you'll see devils tearin' your life away. But if you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freein' you from the world" FYI nobody who has made peace with the world and themselves commits suicide...its simply not natural My advice would be to remember that the meaning of life is very has been splattered across the faces of every race and every person since the inception of man. The meaning of life is simply, to learn. By trying to escape learning whatever it is you are meant to will inevitably find yourself further back along the "wheel of learning" So long story short, don't do it...and stop measuring your self worth against societal expectations of successful...its not good for you. Also, chin up and head high!
  25. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    Moment, thank you so much for the words of inspiration!!! There is one thing us youth are guaranteed to lack and that is true wisdom from experience . Something certainly needed in the app / tech world today.
  26. App Developer looking foor Daoist Creatives

    As someone to happens to enjoy the presence of cats –– I can't help but notice there are many cat enthusiasts here. Coincidence?
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