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    in effortless awareness.

    emptiness... dancing.

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  4. The Magus of Seattle

    Ran across this in my side feed on youtube tonight... thought of you @Starjumper
  5. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    My opinion of @Yang’s approach is that it leans more toward pure consciousness potential to manifest phenomena, rather than in understanding the objective reality on which it ultimately builds. It could care less what red actually is vs what it means. It reminds me of for instance seeing 11:11 on a digital clock. Most people, and certainly clockmakers, might explain this event as never holding any more information than that a specific number of hours and minutes have elapsed since either midnight or noon. Whether you have something scheduled at that time is up to you, and has nothing to do with the clock itself. Now, because for some reason people like symmetry, they’d often take certain notice when they saw a clock saying 11:11. Not because of what time was being represented, but because of the shape of the symbol itself. A new and real phenomenon attached itself to this visual cue, as more and more people started getting more and more happy whenever it appeared. What exactly the mechanics of that phenomena are have yet to be fully explored, as far as I know of. Is it a 100% psychological comedy, or is something really deeper being activated? Does happiness have an actual kind of gravity to it? Do higher dimensional consciousnesses exist? If so how do they interpret and respond to what is going on in our “reality”?
  6. That is biologically not true. It is why there the chromosome all has at least one X in it. Women get XX, men XY. In the womb we start as female, and the Y chromosome swaps men over to men. Ie, converts the building blocks of the ovaries into testies, etc. This is why we have nipples actually. The rest are just your beliefs.
  7. Is the world getting better or not?

    I so much understand your cynicism, I truly do. I have been in the hell of the lost (at a very young age) my empathy is great for you and yours", continue to be you.
  8. Daoism as a Practical Philosophy

    Pretty new to seriously thinking about daoism and really don’t know any of the practices. It’s good to hear that this is actually something. I agree with the idea that it helps you understand the greater dao.. or Atleast it makes you appreciate that you don’t know... not closing the door keeps you open.. it literally takes a life time or a a really great thinker to get to zhuangzi level, I think. You really appreciate that after it starts clicking. I know that I’m not a slouch in the critical thinking department but it took me a good while, to be sick of the BS in my life, and some moral conflicts to get over myself and see things through that clearer outlook. Your description is my experience. Thanks
  9. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    You and I have been forming a bond that I do not fully understand but, I am grateful for. Be well!
  10. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    whoa... timing...! *deep bow of gratitude*
  11. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    Don't be too quick to draw conclusions from what happens to you; simply let it happen. Otherwise it will be too easy for you to look with blame... at your past, which naturally has a share with everything that now meets you. ~Rainer Maria Rilke
  12. The Torus and the YIN/YANG

    You won't get very far trying to classify colors in actual polarities. I will use "Red" as an example: How do you know what Red is? Two Red objects - a Tomato, and a Hot Iron. One "Red" is reflected, and one is Emitted or "Generated". Both are "Red". So when you use "Red" in a calculation like you are doing, this is like comparing a Tomato to a Red-Hot Iron and using them as the same thing in a transaction or statement. We can look at "Blue" as well. Ultraviolet Light is "Blue" light. A Blueberry on a bush is "Blue". These are not the same and not interchangeable in computations. ALL of the abstractions and formulas and diagrams you are using have the same type of inaccuracy problem and cannot explain real phenomena. -VonKrankenhaus
  13. self and others are the same being. Same difference. You are SELF and you are also OTHERS. 1 creator, 1 spiritual being, for everyone and everything. you Self + Others - - Others Clowns to the left of me , jokers to the right . Stuck in the middle with YOU.
  14. Road Trip 2

    Okay ... here is some more interesting history on that . There is special magic stuff in that area . Some indigenous elders where VERY upset about that area being logged due to certain 'mythological stories ' An 'energy' there got out of control so a 'clever man' came to dispel it but it was fiercer than realised. A terrific battle ensued and the bad force was cut into pieces and buried separately in special places and 'sealed' in . The concern was that the 'sealing in; might be disturbed and the pieces join and the 'force' come back . Sound familiar ? So, our magical group which was active then, decided to support the action. Some of us, and others associated with us also decided on some 'personal' action . One of them volunteered himself for the most radical of actions . A deep hole was dug and concrete poured in, steel reo at the bottom with a chain coming up and then more concrete. Guy gets in the hole and locks on to chain around his ankle and crouches down. Then they towed someone's old donated car over the hole (so the car made a road block - various tricks like this had been done before, without a person but they just bulldozed the obstacle away ), removed the wheels and ran chains and cable locks around the cars axles and around the guys neck . That stopped them from pushing it out the way with a bulldozer ! It took a very long time for police rescue to clear the road block . Meanwhile others where setting up the next line of defence further in. They had flogged some large stored under road water drainage pipes and had dug them in standing up . This is the part I have written about here elsewhere ; so we painted magical sigils on them, signs of repelling and other stuff . I did the main one in the middle of the road with others did ghoul faces, rearing snakes spitting fire, all sorts of shit. Apparently when the bulldozer driver turned up he freaked out and said he put up with all sorts of crap, sabotage, piss bombs, but he wasnt going to put up with this crap ! And left ! Fuck ! I thought he would have just trashed it ! . Then the action moved to another front that they where trying to get in on . So a a very fast barricade was made after a trail of obstacles and a bunch of us stood on and blocked the road . A bit disconcerting to see the long line of logging jiggers and vehicles heading towards us from the distance. But then I looked the other way and a few curves away, I saw a police van coming with blue light flashing ... then another... and another ... and different types of vehicles, including big prisoner transport vans ... 38 I think I counted . There was a bit of a stand off, catcalling and stuff, they usual silly songs ' We shall not be moved' that made the police smirk and nudge each other . The loggers and police started removing the barricades. After a bit of to and fro it was "Off the road or we arrest you ! " Mumble mumble everyone moves off the road, but this huge guy says 'Fuck this' and walks forward ( I had talked to him early, he was a Vietnam veteran and he told me he was 'going to put himself on the line' ) and lays down in front of the first logging truck spread eagled. The boss cop gives the orders to arrest him and about 6 cops rush out and grab him. he is complaint and walks with them to the van , two on each side holding his arms . We cheered him and instinctively he half turned grinned and waved his arm at us , lifting two surprised police officers into the air they quickly got control and he apologetically complied . Locked him in the big van . Then they signalled , the logging trucks to move forward a few more ran out and lay on the road . Hmmmm ... that gives me an idea so I said to some near me " Dont all go out on to the road at once, take turns , it takes longer to arrest and lock up individuals and small groups than it does everyone at once ." So thats what happened ... it took ages and really frustrated the opposing team . But we started running out of people. So I zoomed back to camp and put ut the alarm but only 1 guy came back with me . The trucks where just moving off and everyone had been arrested so other guy lay on the road ..... delayed . Put him in the van. A cop looked at me and goes 'Do I have to arrest you too ! " I moved further back off the road . "Oh no Officer, I am not going to do anything that stupid . " The tell the trucks to move forward, they start up their engines ., well, every single other person had been arrested and in the 2 huge moving vans (one for men one for women ) , what was I gonnna do stay there in the bush by myself with loggers ? So I slipped around the cop between me and the road and went and lay under the front truck while it was moving forwards . Stopped again , cop furious, drag me away to the van ... amongst much cheering and laughing and catcalls from the van grill windows . THats when they took us (just the men's van ) to their secret police camp in the bush for their secret and illegal attempted nastiness ( I saw attempted as it was silly and juvenile and had little effect on most of us , me and the guy next to me used the time sit there in lotus meditating with peacefull happy looks on our faces - that really annoyed them ... but, by then they where pretty drunk anyway . I know that as they parked the metal van in the full sun in summer and refused to give us water and sat around it drinking beer and saying how nice and cold it was .... then did drunken do-nut burnouts in their police cars around the van to kick up the dust and choke us inside . - that took up most of the day, so they' called it a day' and went home ready to start in the morning now we where all out of the way , but it was that afternoon that the legislation stopping the operation was passed in parliament. So they where officially stopped the next day . Just in time ! That was followed by the Wild Cattle Creek action ..... that time, there was no police intervention between us (the protestors) and the loggers , they let us fight for a bit . .... and some of those chaps got the silly idea into their head that they where going to beat up on me . Oh dear ! ... the silly fellows
  15. Is the world getting better or not?

    Depends on who you ask, and what time period you're comparing to what other time period, and where exactly. Every 1 in 200 people living today, according to only the known statistics (the real numbers may be much higher), is a slave. Not metaphorically, literally. There's more slaves in the world today than at any prior period in human history. (Yes, even in percentages of the population, not just in absolute numbers. Yes, even in Sumer, thousands of years ago, slaves constituted a smaller percentage of the overall population.) Modern slavery includes forced labor, human trafficking, sexual exploitation, debt bondage and forced marriage (impossible to refuse or leave). Most victims (71%) are women. 1 in every 4 modern slavery victims is a child. Children are found in every type of slavery from labour to sex trafficking to forced marriage. Profits from modern slavery per victim are higher in developed economies. In 2014, the EU and other developed economies made an estimated $46.9 Billion USD in profits from modern slavery. Tip of the iceberg though. Most people in conditions that don't formally met the definition for "modern slavery" are not much better off. I think there's a few prerequisites for believing that the world is "getting better": one has to be perfectly indifferent to the plight of the overwhelming majority of the human, animal and plant life in our world today; belong to the 16% of the world population living in the so-called "developed" countries; belong to the about half of that 16% that doesn't live in poverty, i.e. to the lucky 8% of the world population. So, the lucky ones who are all right, what about the remaining 92% of the world? Oh... you should see it to believe it. I've traveled, and not just to where the 8% can't stop counting their blessings. I've seen quite a bit of the remaining 92%. I assure you that it's a hell of a wonderful world for anyone too young, too old, too sick, too poor, too powerless to matter. Key word "hell."
  16. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    1. not relaxing enough 2. Knowing too much
  17. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    ... wait ! Whats that on the back of his head ! Dude , I never knew you had that ! Obviously its ( the new ) Daobums approved ;
  18. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I guess I should pass on my blessings to Apech
  19. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    No regrets here ... the top of my head has been 'anointed '
  20. Yesterday
  21. Oh, that's useful. Both the mingmen part and permission to be a couple inches away from the wall. I never would have considered doing such a high number as 100 the way I have been doing them (feet flush with the wall). As it happens I'm focusing on my legs in my qigong/neigong practice right now.
  22. Road Trip 2

    You’ve been in the area longer than me. Some local history for the benefit of interested Dao Bums readers: When I arrived here in 1998 those long running anti-logging protests were still going strong. A number of people I got to know within the local community were in there with you. I had just bought my land and was fully occupied with the basics of establishing myself but planned on joining in later. However, it was shortly afterwards you got results and the protests ceased. It was a big victory and my friends were so happy. The North East Regional Forest Agreement allowed a truce between environmentalists and the timber industry by giving a workable plan for the sustainable management of our region’s extensive forests. It. As well as that, huge areas of old-growth forest that were zoned for logging were converted to National Park and thereby protected in perpetuity. That’s when Chaelundi National Park came into existence. So thank you for your part in making that happen.
  23. Is the world getting better or not?

    I've found technology is a wonderful way to learn. I can listen (podcasts) to and have access to amazing teachers (online universities, indepth youtubes) in just about any field. From shorter 30 minute lectures to indepth classes, often for free. When it comes to learning, Tech can be a great friend. Course mostly we learn from people, our friends and parents. Often Amazon can get you goods faster and cheaper, and if you're going to watch TV Netflix has some good original programming as well as network programming with no commercials. There's good TV and bad TV. Really good TV is well.. really good. Nothing better then when you connect with an original series (call out to Stranger Things). In turn it allows you to connect with other who were into it. Like anything else, moderation is the answer. You can come up with strange instances, but generally thinking of 'Prejudice as Wisdom' in terms of looking at other groups of people is not the best way to go, in my book. One can be proud of ones group without falling for the pitfalls of tribalism and nationalism. Looking around my neighborhood, people here still work hard. I, myself don't, but people here do. Its how they earn there living, the rat race. Different professions then the past, but change happens. While intelligent preparation for the future, including savings and skill is smart, I don't see the use of mourning a dark reality that hasn't happened. Rideforever you're complaining about a 'freefall' that hasn't happened. Things will go up and down but one shouldn't rob oneself of all the good things in life because one is waiting for the apocalypse to happen. Cause you could die of old age, waiting and preaching for dark times when poverty, prejudices and crime continue to drop.
  24. Road Trip 2

    Yeah , I checked the fire alerts too and couldnt find anything about that fire . 15 km away is a little close . Let's hope the wind is in a good direction for you . I have spent a bit of time in Chaelundi , years back, doing a bit of hard core forestry protests, camping out, being arrested and dragged off to Grafton Jail (after some mild 'torture' out in the middle of the forest at a police camp ) . Unfortunately , there is no rain predicted , even in the long term.
  25. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    I'm a fairy godmother that built an entire career on sex crimes. Trust me. There isn't much I haven't seen. But, on the other hand, you just passed a character test of sorts. And for that reason, the resident fairy godmother is going to anoint the top of your head. PING!......
  26. What made YOU laugh today/tonight ?

    Its very rude and disgusting .... and you seem like such a nice sweet old fairy godmother .....
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