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  2. Blue aura people

    Ooooooh YEAH ! * sexual stimulation warning *
  3. Hello to All

    Well met Antonio108. Welcome to the Bums!
  4. Taoist Immortal Monarchs: Alchemy in Nature

    So the big female who visted, was either a male, or did not have any eggs left. There are no eggs on the outside plant. I was surprised that there'd still be females laying this late. Evades the Wasps as I've come to think of her, made her transition to Chrysalis this morning. My gal caught it on video, though too big to post here. Got some decent pics of her final day of inverted feeding: and of her making her anchor and then heading into J pose. She held J pose for 14.5 hours! Curled up and holding steady... (reminds me of Zhan Zhuang) starting @ 8:05pm last night. 10:30am this morning, (I was still asleep as I've reverted to nocturnal habits in our months long isolation) my gal noticed her starting to wiggle which is the prompt they're going to Chrysalize. Shortly after they start wiggling their skin splits on the back of the head and then they pump and wiggle their body until the skin splits the entire length and eventually is wiggled off. Took just under four minutes from first wiggle to full Chrysalis... utterly incredible to watch. I woke to her fully transitioned form and the video my gal caught of it. They really anchor themselves well and wiggle rather tenaciously even a few minutes after the skin has detached. (saved it for microscope viewing, I'll dig the microscope camera out for some pics). Simply stunning process. She should emerge in about a fortnight...
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  6. Wild Technological Metaphysics

    I like where he says "they've proven this" And "Everybody, says" And "I have good sources"
  7. Wild Technological Metaphysics

    do people believe this? what does everyone believe? I'm genuinely curios of a demographic of everyone how does this fit in with the immortals of daoism, buddhism, etc for you all?
  8. Hindu Moksha as shamatha state?

    Btw to the OP... it is not up to any particular yogi (or Guru) that is Self-realized to do this or that per what remains of their human self, for in being Self-realized it is the Self through a human vehicle that acts. In the Saivite tradition (which you are probably well aware of) the Self also manifests as Lord Nataraja who creates, maintains, destroys, conceals and also reveals with Grace, a Supreme Grace which is not taught in Buddhism although they certainly teach of compassion. My favorite Upanishad is the Chandogya and along with the others - I'd say all is explained as best as possible by Self realized beings/Rishi's.
  9. Taoist triva and memorabilia

    A fire on board USS Bonhomme Richard at San Diego Naval Base (that's some 25 miles from where I live) started yesterday and is expected to take days to put out. I didn't know until this morning when I woke up to strong smell of chemicals in the air. People all over the area, even a few dozen miles away, report smelling all kinds of nasty stuff, some were woken up by the smell in the middle of the night. Saw an advisory about keeping the windows closed, but didn't catch yet how official it was and how strongly advised, just folks sharing whatever anyone knows. About 60 sailors, firefighters and civilians were injured, mostly due to smoke inhalation. Fortunately no fatalities were reported.
  10. Talk to me about your heart

    You wrap up your sleeves, take a breath, and build anew. And with that background, find some support, it is easier to walk a trodden path than to make one on ones own. And walk slowly.
  11. Blue aura people

    The last blue turtle on the other hand would be Uncas, and with that remark I have affronted both the gay society and the Native Americans in the same thread. 😢
  12. My will is too weak

    I like @manitou's suggestion. You can pair making a small change with making a big decision. What I said about needing to take responsibility for something. It's interesting because it's what I've heard my teacher recommend to some people (it helps to generate yang in the body - more drive and vitality). And as far as I understand it, this is the main message for men from Jordan Peterson. (Mind you his understanding of Buddhism and Daoism is pretty awful!) Pick something (preferably something hard) and make a decision that you will go do that and take responsibility for it. Then approach the act of getting it done with Manitou's suggestion. Your medical degree was mentioned... you could for example decide - I'm gonna be the very best doctor I possibly can be in xxxx field. Think about it. Find some meaning and purpose in that decision. There's a massive difference between the normal doctor that's just doing his job coz it's his job and it pays ok... and someone like Atul Gawende - who decided to be the best he can be. Who has more satisfaction? Who has more drive and motivation? Pick a big problem and go solve it and see how drive and passion suddenly ignite... take into account the Daoist perspective and you'll be able to achieve it more efficiently and without burning yourself out. It's risky to pick something to stand for so strongly - or at least it feels risky. The point is not to find the best thing to stand for - but one thing now. And really go for it. Later, if it's not right, you can change.
  13. Blue aura people

    I'm on my phone, otherwise I would link Sting Song of the blue turtle, 'cause that's what the last rating post was all about. A Sting fan, you could just have said so 😁
  14. Blue aura people

    The Blue Oyster Club?
  15. Wild Technological Metaphysics

    A pretty wild watch enjoy.
  16. Blue aura people

    Admittedly not read through the whole thread - but the answer seems pretty straightforward... Disney appreciation clubs!
  17. Blue aura people

    Yes, you see when you have more posts you get access to the secret forum where we get together for that. But really, you have to rant more interesting to get answers. Like: Start a Mo Pai thread.
  18. My will is too weak

    I think it might be simpler than you think. Start with one small area and modify your behavior as it pertains to that particular sequence. Maybe it could be something like making your bed differently - but do the task with the attitude of inner improvement. You 'become' the task, you are not separate from it. That will make you feel good, maybe getting your day off on the right foot. Continue making your bed in the new way (maybe military folds at the corners, etc) until it's second nature. Then, look for another area in your life that you'd like to improve. Maybe it's how you respond to someone - maybe you're short tempered with them. Try changing your reaction to that particular person - this will start to move the inertia inside of you. Maybe 'being kind' as opposed to ignoring them. And then, just keep going as things come up. The important thing to remember, is that if you are finding inner changes uncomfortable, there is something inside you that needs to be addressed. The secret in all this is that we keep replaying the emotions that we were imprinted with in early childhood. Of course, I don't know anything about you - but your ennui towards life may well be a repetition of childhood. It may be an emotion you are very familiar with, and in that sense, it's "home". So it continues to be acted out until something changes the switch that wants to stay unengaged. Maybe you just "tuned out" on stuff that was going on around the house. Actually, that kind of fits. Were you brought up in a confusing or chaotic home? Did you just decide to drop out one day, enabling you to stay separated from the chaos? Just the fact that this concerns you is an indication that changes are upcoming.
  19. Tai Chi Ruler

    Hello, Start practicing recently the 1st exercise from the link above. Immediately felt a strong sensation in my belly, that I can describe the best as the muscles were strongly contracting deep inside, although I was very relaxed. Just ordered the DVD from Masterworks International. Looking forward for a more comprehensive practice
  20. My will is too weak

    Dr. Gregory Bateson’s work on double binding communication is a common way that parents communicate with their children by structuring mental dilemmas in decision making. Also, gaslighting is a very common destructive means of communication can inhibit self determination. It is important to understand how one was raised as opposed to looking for TCM advice online.
  21. Hello to All

    Nice to meet you too Daniel.
  22. Hello to All

    Welcome @Antonio108, It's nice to meet you.
  23. Blue aura people

    Lets play a game where you do use my ridiculous criteria based off of intuition. And lets say that I'm your captain. And you're my lieutenant. We're both looking for Atlantis, and we know it's here on this desert island. And the only thing we have to work with, is just what I said, in the first post I wrote. And. That's all we've got. Now. There's no use in saying "this isn't something we can't work with" because it doesn't change the fact that this is what we have to work with. Forget about the term "blue aura; I'm talking about turtles. And together, you and I, are looking for them. Now, we know it's here, because my granddad got it from a fisherman back in Egypt when they were dating together. And he got it from a Mandalorian. And this information. Nobody has better. We're in the position of trying to interpret Plato here, and he's left us with a dirty old napkin where he got a vision from the gods that turtle people not only existed but were, and he gave us directions of what it would look like. We looked everywhere else. We know it's here. Nungali is with us; we haven't been able to find turtle people with what we thought before was the truth; it didn't get us anywhere. And the only reason we're here, now, is because we've looked everywhere else and it wasn't there. The napkin - we had other evidence. We used all of your and Nungali's tricks, but the blue people or turtle people still evade us. We aren't getting anywhere. And all of a sudden the circumstances and the desperation make us go back to the one thing we got fro somebody who knew or says he knew somebody that knew somebody that turtles lived here, and we take it seriously. Now i can't interpret this. I have the napkin but I'm not a interpreter. But you Earl would be my best interpreter if only you dropped what you thought you knew and took what's written on this napkin seriously. And we would get somewhere. And so we're in the situation - we've landed - we're on the island. And. I'm telling you: interpret this. And you tell me: I can't; it's not Qigong certified, and it's got a bit of mustard on it. it's not even flying in the air. Nothing. And I open the napkin a bit better and wipe out the mustard and tell you. And I gently tap the badge on the jacket. A few times. And I tell you there's more than one place discovered by an explorer that was previously thought to be a place of fiction. But what they did was, is use their intuition to maybe guess where it might be. And once on the terrain try to make it fit. And then use the tools, to make it fit even more. And you excavate, and stuff like that. So you start, since we have so little, by drawing random things that comes to mind just on the style and information the napkin has given us; and we work from there. And because of your extensive experience it's easy for you to get images, and you link it with that. And that awfully looks like a symbol that only these folks know about, and you know that every time that symbol has come up in your head it lead to this. And every time it has happened you were right. You don't know why but it has happened. Now, you don't know why you just know it does. And it bothers you because you know that on the steps you're so far standing no one would have an explanation yet, of why this might be. So you juggle a little. With what you have. And the teachers, they tell you: fine. But don't get ahead of yourself. So you build an alternative stuff in your head, until it gets to the point of your training where you know you can retrieve this, in your mind, and have a use for it. To come back to the story. Thanks to that. How Albert Einstein did it. Your imagination got us from a dirty old napkin to a pond in the middle of the jungle that just happened to be blue. Like most ponds are. But this one had a turtle. And that turtle has a growing back, and it gets bigger the second it starts filling itself with the water - you conclude the water is magical. We made it. Give me back my napkin.
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