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  2. An opinion or observation of madness 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    How I miss your presence old friend... but how grateful to have so many of your insights here to revisit. So grateful you shared so generously of yourself... your presence resonates on, through your shared insights. peace
  4. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 39

    Yes. But easier said - make less choices...thus simplicity....thus ability to cultivate without distraction.
  5. [DDJ Meaning] Chapter 36

    Who's interpretation is this? I get it, just wondering where the thought came from.
  6. What are you listening to?

    You might never, ever come down!
  7. Wang LiPing's "Daoist Internal Mastery"

    I have it and really appreciate it.
  8. Any interesting plans for June?

    Here in Los Angeles we are blessed with "June Gloom," an overcast condition that offers some blessed relief from the heat and the UV bombardment. It cools down at night enough for a box fan in the window and I am overwhelmed with gratitude that the long summer of intense heat has not arrived. Every night that cools and promises fine sleeping with oxygen-rich air is a blessing. It's also cleaner due to reduced traffic, although it's starting to return, and gas has gone up 14 cents in less than two weeks. My ambitious exercise routine has been replaced with daily rebounding, at least through the month of June. I feel biomechanically repaired when I use this regimen. I have the tools and the opportunity to wake up, unlike so many unfortunate people dealing with life and death issues around the world, so I am trying to express gratitude in my thoughts and deeds. I am grateful for the opportunity to grow old - turning 60 in September -- and while this is truly a blessing, it comes with the anguish that my own daughter will not likely have the same opportunity. This combination is preying upon my conscience and I hope to find some semblance of peace despite the worrisome forecasts.
  9. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    I debated allowing Sheriff to speak. Normally I delete such posts before publishing. Particularly since Zhou does not need me to protect any aspect of his being or name. Invariably I find, whenever the Sheriff starts fanning the hammer, he's shooting himself as often as anyone else. Live and learn eh? Cultivation continues...
  10. Today
  11. Any interesting plans for June?

    And today is the day I was meant to finally find out, thanks to you, that it's not the douche after all. What a relief. I always thought the great Boss was totally not subtle enough with that douche line.
  12. The scandal of me sitting in full lotus padmasana

    Thread locked. It'd be nice to create a new topic on Full Lotus.
  13. An opinion or observation of madness

    time before trump's karma comes knocking full force, too many days, months and years in the human view.
  14. I have it. Well written, packed with information. Wang Liping is the genuine article, his retreats are very expensive, so in comparison his books are a bargain. More importantly, members here who've studied with him are impressive. For a dabbler myself, who likes things simple, the book for the most part is overkill. I'll open it now and then for insight or to try one of the dozens of exercises for a bit then go back to something simpler, but thats me. For anyone interested in the Daoist esoteric energy arts, its an excellent book by one of the worlds foremost practitioners. Its a layered practice with the secret being long years/decades of dedication.
  15. Any interesting plans for June?

    Wrt mishearing lyrics, what about the song “blinded by the light” where “douches” are being sung about? 🤔
  16. Any interesting plans for June?

    As a parent, you can use it to your advantage. Some years ago, when my son was 5-6, the song Pumped Up Kicks got a lot of airplay. It is essentially about a school shooting. With some power of suggestion, this is what my son heard (and still hears to this day). All the other kids with the pumped up kicksYou'd better run, better run, out run my gun momAll the other kids with the pumped up kicksYou'd better run, better run, faster than my bullet brother You know, just a song about racing your family members.
  17. anybody read this? What's your opinion..Is it practical and valuable for it's price?
  18. John Chang - Jesus

    Trolling? What I said was real and facts. Why don't you answer a simple fact and question, before going all in defense? I don't follow you around; I just find it very annoying that some people act all 'holy', (like you say yourself; you are a holy man) ; and after years it comes down to alot of lies and nonsense. I have a problem yes, with people like you who give out 'help' to people here on the forum (with your amulets), while it really shows that you are very likely a big con-man, or just completely mentally disturbed. I felt kinda bad yesterday, after writing the post, yes. I do think a certain standard should be met, and it's pretty obvious you say some very weird stuff. Do I want to give you grief? No, that's ridiculous. Also, claiming a lineage to Lao Tzu, 'aiding' people with your help; and all your 'advice' about alot of things, with all due respect, if you say complete opposite things, or straight out lies, I think it's only normal someone speaks out. If I have 3 or 300 posts, doesn't make a difference. Anyways, why not adress the question I asked, wich is in line with this topic and your post (no mere trolling), and I'll leave you alone.
  19. John Chang - Jesus

    I'd say that sometimes some of us have been granted visits to higher astral (or even causal ) realms but very few of us have major access or the present need to such access - being that most of us have not attained "moksha" or the great freedom and are dealing with human karma''s and issues and thus are largely "earthbound" souls. So imo it is dubious for us to be speculating about whether or not the higher astral realms (and or causal) exist or not along with the Beings who have attained those realms. Even various spiritual schools and their teachers who supposedly have major access to such realms and beings do not agree on the subject or on the Beings, thus to me they just see their particular take on the subject and often double down on it as being the only truth. (or the highest and more or less deny the all the rest)
  20. An opinion or observation of madness

    Interval of time between when Trump promised to reveal his “TrumpCare” healthcare package and when he delivered: Still waiting. . Interval of time between when Trump promised to show us his taxes and when he delivered: Still waiting. . Interval of time between when Trump promised the American people that Mexico would pay for his wall and when he delivered: Still waiting. . Interval of time between when Trump promised to bring peace to the Middle East and when he delivered: Still waiting. . Interval of time between when Trump promised to “drain the swamp” and when he delivered: Still waiting. . Interval of time between when Trump’s own Cabinet and CDC officials warned him he’d have to act fast to prevent a pandemic and when he delivered: Ten weeks. . Interval of time between when Donald Trump was sworn in and when he told his first presidential whopper: One day. . Interval of time between when Twitter added a fact-check icon to his untrue tweets and when he introduced “executive” legislation to control social media: One day. (Bruce Lindner)
  21. Dwelling of Mahasiddha Gotsangpa, believed to have been one of Padmasambhava's many retreat abodes. Appearing starkly on the backbone of a barren mountain, this 4-storey high structure, made from tons of rocks, is said to be constructed by dakas and dakinis at the behest of the great mahasiddha himself. Khenpo Tsultrim Gyatso Rinpoche recounted the moment Gyalwa Gotsangpa entered parinirvana, "When Gyalwa Gotsangpa was lying on his deathbed, he summoned his students, who cried. He opened his eyes, sang a song, laughed , and then passed away into nirvana." Khenpo added, "So, if we can go like that, it would be great".
  22. ∞ KEITH DOWMAN ∞ The Six Lines of the Cuckoo's Song Also known as the Six Vajra Verses. They are considered to be the root text of the Dzogchen Mind Series tradition out of which the entire view, meditation and action of Dzogchen may be extrapolated. The nature of multiplicity is nondual and things in themselves are pure and simple; Being here and now is thought-free and it shines out in all forms, always all good. It is already perfect, so the striving sickness is avoided and spontaneity is constantly present. Turned into prose.... All experiences, the entire phantasmagoria of the six senses, the diverse multiplicity of existence, in reality is without duality. Even if we examine the parts of the bodhi-matrix in the laboratory of the mind, such specifics are seen to be illusive and indeterminate. There is nothing to grasp and there is no true way to express it. The suchness of things, their actuality, left just as it is, is beyond thought and inconceivable, and that is the here and now. Yet diversity is manifestly apparent and that is the undiscriminating, all-inclusive sphere of the all-good buddha, Samantabhadra. Total perfection has always been a fact and there has never been anything to do to actuate this immaculate completion. All endeavour is redundant. What remains is spontaneity, and that is always present as our natural condition. *Where confidence in the View reveals the unmistakable clarity of Sunya, non-self is realized as the effortless, unimpeded & indefatigable action arising from space, and thereupon, instantaneously liberated from whence it arose.
  23. John Chang - Jesus

    Emphasis mine. More than seven years went by already and nothing of the kind happened. Where is your accountability for what was no less than apocalyptic scaremongering? I don't know who you are and why you act the way you do, but you seem to be in the business of making outlandish and patently untrue claims while claiming divine revelation. How can you call the people who draw attention to your obvious mistakes as trolls in the goodness of your heart? Frankly, you should be thankful for people who take their time to remind you of your own fallible nature instead of viewing them with unwarranted suspicion.
  24. An opinion or observation of madness

    don't let the child fool you: those evil dolls and trumps administration are worse than watching some clawed creature feature!
  25. Master Zhou Ting Jue

    For two posts it seemed like you were getting into a total víkingr mode. In my mind's eye I saw you commanding a mobile fleet of swift dragon boats carrying over twenty bloodthirsty Norsemen each and setting the course for pillaging a newly discovered unprotected harbor whose forked tongues had spread unkind rumors about an allied chieftain dear to you. You stepped out of the boat with a mirthful smile and roared "Þórr!" after happily gulping the mead from your drinking horn in one go. Then all you did was pull up one flower off the ground, put it behind year ear to make yourself look pretty, and said "Peace" while gesturing the peace sign with your fingers. You called your men and set the dragon boats back to sailing towards the sunset in the West... Carefree California, the land of mead and peace!
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