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  2. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    You already are the creator of your own reality, always have been and always will be. This book is just attempting to appease to the scientific mind, to help them let go of the idea of "shortage." Because then you realise, as you create more plastic, the ocean's gonna be filled with them aswell, and is that really what you want? The point of the experiment, is to help people understand, that your desire is very important, because everything in the universe exists to help you come to new desire. It is what puts the eternalness in eternity. But more importantly, it helps people understand the real purpose is to find alignment with your own desire! And that you don't need physical conditions in order to find that alignment. And then when you do that, then you will come to the full blown realisation OF ALL THAT YOU TRUELY DESIRE. IS to find alignment with what people call "God" or Source of All of Creation. The Source of the eternal and infinite stream of well-being and ever expansion. That Source is non-physical and unconditional. So when people place conditions upon it, they only create more forgetfulness, disintegration, and disconnection. That doesn't mean there is no value, because it is still all life and all well and all good. You just don't have to constantly "crave" for things. Because you already contain all of it evermore, in you as you are of it all evermore aswell. You are always an extension of Source. So why try to look outside of you for something that you feel you "need" in order to allow yourself to be more who it is you truely are. So obviously, I can say "yeah I blame that book for destroying everything in my life" well... Than you missed the point. The point was that you no longer have to blame your physical conditions for anything that ever happens in your life, ever again! It's the same with death. When people die, they no longer hold grudges. Trust me... But you don't have to die in order to let go of that blame. You just need to let go of it. How people are going to do that? It's up to each individual, you don't have to worry about other people. In other words... Don't try to save the planet! Just save yourself! If people want to die before they let go of blame, there is nothing wrong with that. I myself often feel like that aswell. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to come to terms with your own eternalness, whilest remaining physically alive and focused. Sure, that may result in outlandish experiences, at which point you wont even use the word "physical versus non-physical" because your entire consciousness will be reintegrated. And you DON'T NEED SOMEONE OR SOMETHING OUTSIDE OF YOU to do that. It's all you. You, you you you. 5 Billion times per second. Can you see that? How many you's there are? And can you understand that each you is an entire youniverse unto itself? Yeah, it is all an illusion, but it is for the purpose of evermore expansion and reflection. Nothing really is changing, except your perspective of it. And everything you perceive outside of you, is your OWN consciousness. So when you perceive an outside master, it cannot be that you can ever perceive it, unless you already are it. So worshipping idols like Jesus or Masters, then you will ALWAYS get the same reflection. I am that which is you. So stop trying to look at the mirror, and remember our connection, and then we can interact in a manner that we intended to interact. Not for the purpose of forgetting who we are, by placing your response-ability outside of you, because then you just go into forgetfulness again and start screaming angrily at the mirror "SMILE GODDAMNIT!" But rather, for the allowance of the evermore joy of the journey, of being who it is we have always been and will be allowing ourselves to become the evermore allowed becoming of it. Simply reintegrating all that you are more fully in your here and now, and then move in the joy of being who it is you truely are, flowing your entire unconditional nature through you here for the purpose of taking thought beyond that which it has ever been before. If you're gonna blame things outside of you, you will never allow them to change. You infact, stop and prevent them from changing if you do that, and hold them in the place of where they are now. However, this will always cancel itself out, so it is merely a temporary experience, no matter how long it may SEEM or how long you may believe it will be so... Because you cannot change your true nature and you will always be your true nature. And so? You will ALWAYS find your freedom again when you take back your own response-ability. And accept, you created all of it. Why? Why would I do all of this to myself?! WHY?! Well, you don't remember do you? So can you understand that since you don't remember, can you then understand that you also don't remember wether you wanted to hurt yourself or not... Or can you? Do you really believe that you are evil? Do you believe, that the Source within you, is evil? Well? Ask yourself, "Have I ever wanted pain for myself? Have I ever enjoyed my own suffering?" And you will simply never find any shred of evidence out there, that this is true. So it's simply a flawed premise. You do love yourself and care for yourself and care about who you are. And you do wanna feel good. So why then is it so difficult for most people to feel good? Because they blame things outside of themselves! And in so doing, they give it more energy and momentum and power. It is your own power and energy! You are electrocuting all things evil with your own power and FORCING them to use it against you. You really are! We all do it. We humans that is. And we have been doing this for soooo long! But you didn't do it on purpose! YOU HAVE NEVER DONE IT ON PURPOSE. YOU SIMPLY DID IT BECAUSE YOU DIDN'T KNOW ANY BETTER. So why blame if you know that you have always been innocent and will be evermore. Nothing can ever stop you from being who you truely are, and your true nature will never ever become anything less than all that it is what it has always been and will be allowed the evermore becoming of it evermore, if you but simply do what? Allow it. Yes.... You have to allow it. No choice whatsoever. You just have to accept that. That you got no choice, but to accept that you are innocent. And so stop blaming yourself or anyone ever. Let go of that. Or suffer the consequences, why? Because you are blaming yourself, as you are everything. You are at the center of existance. Did you know that? Look around you. Is there anything that doesn't exist around you. So can you then understand, that you created all of this for yourself, and are still doing so, right now, and now and now and now again. Everything exists around you. No one can ever say otherwise. And then when you realise you always have been and always will be at the center of all of it. You will realise you are the reason everything exists. And so since you are the only reason everything exists? Well? Who exists but you? You are the one and all. In other words, you are existance. Always have been and always will be. Because non existance doesn't exist, so there's no room there for anything that exists, so you have no choice but to be existance, eternally. I know it sounds tiring to hear that, as I've been saying it over and over again since, I don't count the years anymore. But it is simply always true and important to know, so I keep writing it, no matter how many times it takes, it always feels good to me to remember everyone of this. Cause I am you! Why woulden't I wanna wake myself up? Dude... Just stop being so shy and be yourself. Accept you are eternally worthy of anything and everything that you can possibly imagine evermore. You are going to eternal paradise, wether you like it or not. And many people will be dragged by their feet, yes. Because we cannot exist without eachother. Because we are all one and the one is the all. It is mdrfking law btch! You better accept it. Or you get a spanking. I'm sorry, but it's simply how the universe operates. People wont ever allow you to do something that would cause any harm upon yourself. Not if they can help it. And many people can help it, more and more, every single day. And it will always be the case. Evermore. So stop trying to worry about everything all of the time as if there ever has existed any evil outside of you, that can ever be more evil than all that you are. You don't run from your own shadow either, do you? So realise how grown up you've become. How far you've come in your being. To even accept this and know this, as if it is just so normal to you to be that infinitely wise and intelligent. And so infinitely worthy and good. Because you've always been. And you will ALLWAYS deserve EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING THAT YOU CAN EVER POSSIBLY EVEN COME TO THE INSPIRATION OF EVEN IMAGINING YOU WANT IT. You just gotta stop trying to stirr the soup so all the fcking god damn time! It's fcking done. You already created all of it. It's done. Now is time to enjoy your own creation. Evermore. Just enjoy what you want. Enjoy your own desires. Otherwise you simply wont allow them to become. That's it. All you have to do is enjoy what you want. You have to pay the price of joy. And is that really that big of a price to pay? If you think it is. Then don't worry. Things will get bigger. Your desires aswell. And then you got no choice but to enjoy them. Because you wont even be capable of looking away from them anymore. And that is what we all have wanted. We signed up for it. You and you and me and me and you and you. Everyone, and all of us. All the humans, all the animals, and all the trees, and birds and insects and fish and organisms and cells and elements. All of it. So stop trying so hard and relax! Let's listen to some radio! Do you want AM? Or FMMMMMmmmm???!!
  3. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    I love this one : "Let God kill him who himself does not know and yet presumes to show others the way to the doors of His Kingdom."
  4. Well, it's very nice of you, Starjumper, to share with us here on DaoBums... You know, it's really annoying in that video, it cuts off just before he's explaining what that seizure is for lol. But he says it's to expel sick Qi. So I kind of view it like shaking a wet mop and expelling droplets of water around in the environment. I've been mostly shrugging shoulders in that one, doing it differently, so it will take me more time to figure this part out. Shrugging shoulders violently/repeatedly like this in order to shake the whole body as the arms flap up and down opens the shoulder's nest, opens the top back of the spine and gets Qi at C7 point. The arms start to be weightless after 3 repetitions. We did this only 7 times, but apparently the Masters who were practicing this set would do it 49 times. That's a huge amount of shoulder spasm. And the entire body would move from the shoulders. It's kind of like a shoulder generated body bounce, lol. It feels great energetically. But the movement in this video is more subtle, maybe it's after a different effect.
  5. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    I would suggest three.. gut, heart, and the good old noodle. Each seems to have it's own wisdom - within a unification.. Anyway, interesting discussion and observations.
  6. Anyone familiar with this rare 8 Meridian form ?

    Well, I don't really want to say what that's for, I feel like I already gave away too much. We do something similar but much expanded in our chi kung so it is a good technique. The best way to learn is to do it yourself and see what you can feel. The other part, the dropping, can be done without the arm movement. One thing it does is helps to strengthen the bones and inner muscles in the torso and legs. Shit, I'm saying too much ...
  7. Oh just posted the right time mark here, sorry, of the vibration part.
  8. Anyone familiar with this rare 8 Meridian form ?

    I forgot about the third one. Nothing really came up for me as for as it's purpose though. It looks a little like a kidney chi kung technique done the opposite direction. Maybe if I tried it I could feel something about it. I looked through it by moving the slider to each section and just watching small bits and pieces. If you can post the time mark for the finger and shoulder stuff you mentioned I'll check it out. The reason I say getting rid of energy is because the palms are facing down, which means it's for sickies. I'm not saying that the guy in the video is a sickie, but that's what it's mainly for.
  9. Today
  10. Interesting... Did you see the strange wriggling of the hands in the exercise you are referring to, it's in the latter part.... like a kind of "energetic seizure", up and down. What do you make of that ? He says it's to expel sick Qi, so I guess it matches what you just said about getting rid of energy. But the raise on toes and thump on floor part is not for getting rid of energy imo. The vibration removes blockages in the spine, and combined with the arm movements it opens up the central channel, as well as further opening up the MCO from exercise one. The way I was taught that one is to have the energetic seizure from the shoulders (not the wrists) and the shoulders would rattle and shake the entire body. It's like a very quick succession of shoulder shrugs, as the arms come up and down. It's very strange and I also never saw this in any other set. It makes the top of the spine quite warm, and the arms start to float rapidly. Here is the strange arm movements, which I refer to as seizure like (it links to the right part in the video).
  11. Thanks Starjumper, it's great to get feedback from someone as experienced as you You are right, flapping wings is for the central channel. The way it's laid out is like this movement 1: MCO movement 2 (flapping wings) : central channel movement 3 (baseball pitch in slow mo) : yin wei, yang wei, heel meridians movement 4 ( belt channel) So all 8 meridians are addressed, but there are only 4 actions, you are right.
  12. Anyone familiar with this rare 8 Meridian form ?

    I forgot to add, the second one, which is sometimes called Bird Flapping Wings, is for getting rid of energy, not for amplifying it.
  13. Dark Night of the Soul

    Boy this rings the bell... some words are just words. and some words ring with presence... like a tuning fork. your phrasing and manner of sharing often results in sympathetic resonance in awareness. Thanks again for sharing here Spotless. Deep respect and appreciation.
  14. Shambhala

    There have been more civilizations, even far more and far greater and far more advanced than ours, more civilizations than you can count, who have been here on this planet earth. But because most people, don't really take into account, the non-physical existance, they tend to think in terms of "death." When in reality, there exists no such thing as death. So then you realise, whenever you think you "lose" something, you are thinking based on a flawed premise, that becoming less is possible. When in reality, only expansion exists. Only becoming more. Nothing ever gets lost. So when you realise, those civilizations which have become more, and you're interested in them, you don't need to digg the soil to find them! You just need to meet them in the moreness of all of that which they have become and are evermore becoming, right here and now! So you can meet those you are interested in, more fully in the here and now. When you understand how consciousness and reality as the evermore expansion of the resonances within your consciousness works. You realise, your own inner being, is huge. And your life here has even caused it to become more. Like a flower, from seed to full realisation, when the flower dies, it is not dying. From the physical point of view, yes, it seems that the full becoming of that flower is becoming lost. But that is because YOU ARE FOCUSED HERE IN THE PHYSICAL. You are not going with that flower towards the moreness of all that will become evermore. So your ability to distinguish the preciseness of all that greatness of all the specificness and vast immense beauty of that flower, is not yet fully allowed to be realised by you, so you don't perceive it and so you don't translate it through your physical senses, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist! As it does and will do so everMORE and not less. The flower is not gonna become less and then say hi to you. It expects you to meet it in the moreness of all that it has become, why? Because you are going to become the moreness of all that you have become and will be becoming evermore so aswell. The flower knows you are that worthy. Why? It has become the full blown realisation of all that worthiness, so it can fully recognize it in everything aswell. Just like your relationship with your ring, is in the process of evermore becoming, and has already infact become huge and more than anything than you can ever possibly imagine all of it to be. But you can feel your way, towards the perspective, that is the most aligned with all of that, along the path of least resistance, so that you can come to realisation of allowed flow of inspiration of appreciation that can help you develop further clarity of all that that means to you, and will be the evermore becoming of all the moreness of all that you have truely become right here and now aswell. And also will be allowing yourself the full blown conscious realisation of all of it evermore once you "die?" No, once you allow your life, to become more life, as it always will do so evermore. And then you say, it is lost... It is not lost! You are simply going in another direction, for the purpose of your very own further expansion and natural evolution and evermore becoming the moreness of all that is who it is you truely are and are evermore becoming the moreness of evermore aswell. But the fact that you would even say such a thing, means that it has become more, and you're not allowing your consciousness to move with it. Because you love it, then you say it is lost. Because it is waiting for you to meet it, where it already is and knows you will be too. Once you allow yourself to be there. So when you translate through your physical senses, yeah, you cannot distinguish all of that immense specificness into a meaningful translation, of even all that you have become. Even your imagination can sort of pinky finger tap into the full integrated realisation of all of that which will be evermore for you, but that's it. So then you have to understand your relationship with that, is primarily an emotional, energy motional, one. Why? Because your ability to translate energy motionally is by far your most sophisticated energy translator, and so you can feel your way towards your very own full blown realisation of all of it, evermore. Because everything exists here and now. Always has been and always will be. Nothing has ever been lost. It is all just waiting for you, evermore, to allow yourself to come to your very own full blown realisation of it evermore. So then when you allow yourself to be an unconditional being. You can even allow your relationship with your ring to become more, right here and now, to the point that you can translate it through your physical senses as a full blown realisation of a full blown physical reality that you can taste, touch, see, hear, smell, etc. And you are always moving towards that. But if you pay attention to how you are feeling in every moment, then you become a conscious and deliberate realiser. And that's the joy in the journey you are looking for.
  15. Imprinting your desire on an atom

    I'm tracking. I remember pondering something like this a long time ago when every cell in my body was "screaming" for a cigarette. I was imagining the withdrawals and cravings were the sum total of each cells need for the nicotine stimulation. There are two minds. One is known as the gut. Gut instinct. Sort of a parallel process, but ultimately feeds into the overall mind. But is it the intelligence of the gut bacteria, or something else?
  16. Shambhala

    Nice topic and really appreciate the pics Starjumper. That Mountain really sings, as does the valley and that gem in the last one... woof! I'm a crystal/gem hound and a blade collector from way back. Been very keen on their presence since childhood and the setting for that stone is pure awesome. Tesla spoke of the awareness and presence of crystals at length. Would love to hear its story if you feel like sharing. Incidentally, I have two Wakizashis in my collection (stainless blades not high carbon) with identical habaki, tsuba, tsuka and kashira to the one you're holding. Though I swapped out the tsuka ito changing the nylon cord from the factory with soft leather for durability and grip.
  17. Just wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on where to look for info/books dealing with the jnanamudra aspect of karmamudra and what practice they belong to ? thanks
  18. Who are your favorite Comedians of all times?

    I find comedy and humor to be high skills for internal development. Being able to transmute anger to laughter is perhaps one of my most cultivated skills this lifetime. I spent years traveling and performing comedy myself with a troupe and solo. George Carlin - number one for me. He always struck me as more of an adroit social commentarian than a pure comedian, particularly his last three decades of work... and as I've come to read more Chuang Tze, I view George as a modern version of him in the way he uses humor to point out social absurdities. Gilda Radner Lilly Tomlin Carol Burnett Jane Curtin Phyllis Diller Lenny Bruce Jack Benny Bob Newhart Richard Pryor Robin Williams Bill Hicks Eddie Izzard (few make history so funny) Doug Stanhope (king of irreverent humor) Tracey Ullman Madeline Kahn off the top of my head. eta: Rea Pearlman Tina Fey Lewis Black
  19. Shambhala

    I never visited but I have often thought about it. The reason it sounds spooky is because I lifted that description off of a book written almost a hundred years ago and edited it a little. If there are any of those people left then they are probably 'civilized' now, what with the Muslims being on one side and the communists being on the other side. Also, like Nungali said, it is a huge area and very hard to get to. How to know what spot is the sweet spot? A very sensitive psychic person may be able to find 'the place', and a group of wizards, even 4000 years ago, will leave a strong energy signature in the land that should still be there. (Some people are able to feel heat energy in some of the undisturbed stone circles in England) I myself used to do a lot of extended week long hiking trips into the mountains of Washington, which are similar to the Tien Shan. The Washington mountains are steeper, but not as high an altitude. This was taken during a day trip going down from the high camp. The red plants are wild blueberry plants. I wonder what will happen to this ring when I die?
  20. Thank you! I'm aware of BDK America but I'm always looking for new resources. Got a Tibetan empowerment last January so it's of interest to me.
  21. They are in Berkeley CA and bought a huge building there about 20 years ago from from the previous owners - who were The Berkeley Psychic Institute which was quite large at the time and had many institutes. When I am in Berkeley this week I’ll stop by and find out their name.
  22. Is being a Daoist for the well off

    Everyone's path is different. So far it's cost me less than $200 but a shit ton of effort, mental and physical abuse (xingyi), and my sanity a few times. Where do I go? At first it was a friend who knew Chen village taiji and Mantak Chia's stuff but I lost my mind with a physical trauma release and entheogenic trip. Then I started doing BK Frantzis' meditations at a recommendation of someone to help me fix myself and Sedona Method as an add on dissolving practice. Next, I went to train Kenny Gong's line of xingyi and bagua and lost my mind again thanks to abuse and the instructor's incomplete understanding. I've been working on the Dragongate Sanctuary material of late and it's really changed my life. Honestly, I think the martial arts side of this is the least important aspect. Getting your body, mind, and spirit right are really far more important. Once you can sit down and pivot your viewpoint, you can shift your life. Also, don't discount Buddhist practice, it's a good fit to add. Since I started doing reiki hardcore I've gotten a new job that fits my scheduling and work environment needs. It's more important for me to have a job that enables me to spend time with my son than making a LOT of $$$.
  23. Would you mind providing a link? I'm curious.
  24. Who is Loneman Pai?

    I used to think about wearing a mask for videos, but the important part is to hide the eyes, so I keep eyes closed or mostly closed, or wear sun glasses.
  25. Who are your favorite Comedians of all times?

    Oh so many greats! Where to start? I'm often a sucker for physical comedy. From Buster Keaton through Eric Andre.
  26. Anyone familiar with this rare 8 Meridian form ?

    For the first forty minutes he's doing the MCO physically, which is a million times better than doing it mentally, however I think it's better to go both directions with that way being last. The second part, Bird Flapping Wings, is more like it's working on central channel or whole torso. The Third one is working on the belt lines. I don't see eight techniques there, only three.
  27. Yeah, I think you are looking for detoxing of your physical body. As that is always done in combination with more water and fasting. I've heard that some herbs can help aid and assist your bodies natural ability to detox aswell.
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