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Injaculation & Kundalini

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Posted 09 January 2017 - 11:52 PM

Injaculation & Kundalini

Okay, I have been wondering for some time if injeculaton can lead to or awaken (enlightenment) kundalini?

I know in hinduism they talk about abstaining from all sexual activity to attain immortality and reach enlightenment. On the other hand Taoist sages talk about how sexual activity is healthy and one should not ejaculate during sexual intercourse. Even the buddha abstained from all worldly desires.

The Tibetan Buddhist Monks believe that the Buddha himself attained enlightenment with a female consort under the bodhi tree, and that it was edited out in many iconographies and written accounts.

Lord Shiva talks about semen retention as well, but what confuses me about this diety is he had all kinds of sexual activity. This leads me to another question did lord shiva practice injaculation to control his sexual organ because even the God's had sexual intercourse?

So we all can agree on not spilling are seed unless you are going to procreate. Should one abstain from all sexual activity to reach enlightenment or not?

Could someone help me understand or at least clear the confusion?

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Posted 10 January 2017 - 03:54 AM

In Hinduism they say a person can reach the highest state of purification by bathing in the river Ganges. 


Have you done that? 

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Om svabhava shuddha sarva dharma svabhava shuddho 'ham!
Om shunyata jnana vajra svabhava atmako 'ham! 
Om ah hum hra phat!
Om muni muni mahamuni Shakyamuniye svaha! 
Appearances are mind, mind is emptiness, emptiness is spontaneous presence, spontaneous presence is self-liberation.
(9th Karmapa)

The objects perceived by sentient beings 

are like the appearance of illusions;

Sentient beings themselves are in the nature of illusion

they all arise through dependent origination. - Nagarjuna

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